Website Content FAQs

During your website build, it's likely we need you to send us some content. The FAQs below will help explain what we need from you & why.
Our designers will need the website content (images and wording) from you in order to design the pages of your website for you. The number of words that need to be accommodated on each section of the website play a key part in the overall design. For example, placing a 50 word paragraph not much longer than a tweet is vastly different to accommodating 500-100 words of in depth explanation.

It's therefore vital we receive your content whilst we’re still building your website so the designers can do their job and deliver you the best looking website they can.

In addition, when we deliver the first pass of your website to you (what we call the BETA testing period) it's the first opportunity for you to provide feedback on your new website. An incomplete website without content is not going to allow you to take full advantage of this initial testing period. It would be a waste of your first feedback round to only be filling in the gaps in content which could be provided beforehand, and not take the opportunity to concentrate fully on the overall design and look of the site.
You can submit your website content through our online submission forms.

For content that is to be used for a general/informational website page, you can submit your content by clicking here

To submit staff members and images for a meet the team style page click here
The wording you use should be clear and concise. It should also be engaging. Remember, this is your opportunity to appeal to your potential customers and try and persuade them to contact you. Make sure you give them a reason to and make it clear how they can.

  • Make it clear & concise
  • Make it engaging. Make your potential customer want to contact you
  • Be clear on the next action. If you want them to do something, make sure it's clear what you need them to do
  • Make sure the content is relevant to the page. It's no use talking about other services or giving information that's simply not relevant to what the website user is expecting to see
  • Use relevant keywords. If you are explaining about what your company does, make sure you say what you are and where you operate. It might sound obvious, but it's amazing how simple things can be missed
  • Remember, it's not about you, it's about your audience. Your proud of your business and your industry and and rightly so, but don't fall into the trap of talking shop or making it all about you. When writing, think like a potential customer would. What do they want to see? What would make them submit an enquiry? 
Don't worry. Let us know asap and we can move your project deadline dates back if you need more time. Please be aware that this will push back the rest of your project delivery dates.

Alternatively, we can use the content from your current website (if applicable) if you instruct us to. However, we really recommend you take the time to review and amend your content for the new website

Whatever you wish to do, please don't let your specified content deadline pass without contacting your project manager You may incur additional charges if we need to add content outside of the agreed window.
Writing good copy can be one of the hardest challenges for any marketeer.

There are numerous third party companies or even individuals providing copywriting services for a fee. The amount you’ll pay will vary from company to company. We don’t have any specific recommendations, but the below are a few companies offering such services:

Please note, Webdadi are not responsible for any of the third parties recommended above

Again, we can also use the wording from your existing website if you instruct us to. If you have said you would initially be providing content to us but now wish us to use what you have on your existing website instead, please let your project manager know.

However, please note we can only use the wording from your existing website where it already exists. If we are building entirely new website pages that simply don’t exist on your old website then their won’t be any content for us to use.
If you haven’t got the budget to spend on a photographer or stock images, there are several free image websites that provide images that can be used for commercial use:

There are also a series of paid for stock photography websites that provide images for commercial use that will provide a more comprehensive library of images and graphics for you to choose from:

Please note, Webdadi are not responsible for any of the third parties recommended above
We can source images for the website for you if you instruct us to. We’ll use free to use commercial images from and to complete your website.

If you want us to source the images for you, please contact your project manager. We’ll then ask you to submit a mood board for us. This is just a few example images in a style you like to help point us in the right direction.
Remember, when you have a website with Webdadi you can update your website quickly and easily using our software. It means you can update your wording or the images anytime you want to, for free.

The content you provide us initially isn’t going to be set in stone. A good website should be updated and change over time and it’s likely the content on your website will need to evolve as your business grows and adapts anyway.

It’s important to have clear, well written content to complete the project and put your website live. However, the most important factor to remember is that getting your new website live is going to have huge benefits for your business.
Don’t wait to write the “perfect” content otherwise you may find you never complete it. It’s likely you’ll change your mind about what’s needed every few months or so anyway, so make sure the content is good but don’t delay getting your website live for the sake of content. More content can be added later, and it’s likely it’ll be easier to write once it’s on the website and you can see it in situ anyway.