Integrating third-party code snippets with your website

Integrating Code Snippets with Google Tag Manager

At Webdadi, we want your website to be as flexible as possible. Our whole ethos is to give you the freedom to edit your website content & design yourself, and have the ability to adapt and change your website whenever it suits you.

A key part of this flexibility & freedom is the ability to integrate your website with third-party products. There are thousands of Website products that can help improve your business, and it's vital your website has the flexibility to work with them quickly and easily. That's why our VIA software, which powers all of our websites and allows you to content manage your site, is fully integrated with Google Tag Manager.

In a nutshell, Google Tag Manager, aka GTM, is a tool designed for marketeers to link or embed any third-party code snippet, or marketing Tag into your Website without having to involve developers. Effectively, this gives you the freedom to add third party code and products onto your website yourself, for free.

To link a GTM account to your website you simply:

  • Create a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account
  • Log into your GTM account and find your Google Tag Manager Container ID (normally formatted as GTM-XXXXXX)
  • Paste the Container ID into the relevant section of VIA 
  • Your GTM account is now linked to your website! Just log back in to your GTM Account to complete the work you need
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Step 1

Link your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account to your VIA software. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one at

Step 2

Add your third party code snippet to Google Tag Manager. Your third party supplier may be able to help you add their application using GTM.

Step 3

Test how your third party application looks on your website within GTM. Once you're happy, publish the change and put it live.

Frequently asked questions

We want to put you in control of your own Website. We don't want you to potentially incur additional charges to add third-party products to your Website. We don't either want you to potentially have to wait for the work to be scheduled with one of our, or even your developers - it's mostly unnecessary today

GTM is a secure place to upload and test code snippets provided by 3rd-parties before you publish them Live. We want our Websites to be as open and flexible as possible to ensure it meets your business needs; that's why we use GTM. By integrating with this amazingly smart platform, it opens up a host of integration and analytics possibilities for your business :-

  • You can carry out your third-party integrations immediately, whenever you want to
  • You can test your Website integrations and check they work or look and feel right before you publish them Live to your Website
  • You can prevent people from inadvertently breaking your Website, as you have the control as to who can publish code snippets Live. This can be done either internally, or you can simply delegate the required permissions to someone you trust to do it for you, like the Webdadi team!
  • Add as many integrations to your Website as you'd like, or delegate the job to someone else to do it for you, instead of Webdadi, giving you the option to avoid integration charges from us
  • You can manage all your Website integrations and marketing Tags such as Google Analytics all on one code management / digital publishing platform
  • You can link your various integrations to your Google Analytics account from inside GTM so you can measure their performance and ROI
  • You can update, disable, suspend, amend, or delete your third-party code integrations whenever you need to, completely free of charge
  • GTM guards your Website against malicious code snippets and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks simply by having Google's buffer there as a safety net to test and verify any third-party code
  • Your third-party code is kept separate from your Website template, this means you'll be able to receive any future upgrades plus any free  innovations that we release for your template 
  • If you ever want to change Website provider you can take all of your third-party code snippets or code recipes with you because they are stored in your Google Tag Manager account
Once you have your third-party's API or code snippet, you shouldn't need us to do anything. After all, your third-party has sold you their product, so they should have provided you with everything their product needs to function. However, if you find your product wasn't quite what you were expecting in regards to embedding it in your Website, you might need us to fill in the gaps for you.

Most third-party integrations should be ready to go, straight out of the box. However, if you find you need us to help to style the third-party widget to match your website branding, or add additional features into your website to help your application function, that wasn't included initially within their API or code snippet, such as adding a button to launch it, you can get a quote from your Webdadi Account Manager. 
Your third-party supplier may be able to help you integrate their product with Google Tag Manager (GTM); they may even be able to carry out the necessary integration/embedding work for you.

If they can't, there are numerous online guides and videos that Google and GTM experts have produced as a guide to using GTM. Once you know how, it's a pretty straightforward Web tool to use which is why non-techie marketers use it and who it was designed for, plus it saves the time and cost of involving developers in the process of embedding or integrating Website Widgets. It's a great tool to use and has many business benefits that you may want to utilise, so it's well worth the investment in one of your team's time. Knowing how to use GTM means you'll always be able to install or amend any third-party products into your website completely free of charge at a time that suits you.

However, if you're still unsure or aren't able to carry out the work yourself, Webdadi can help add your third-party code snippet or API to GTM for you. We'll just need to charge you for our time and expertise to embed and integrate the widget for you. You can get a quote from your Webdadi Account Manager.
At Webdadi, we'll always support your website and fix any problems you might find. We'll constantly monitor your website and upgrade it in line with technical or browser updates as per our terms and conditions.

However, if you install a third party application into your website, we can't guarantee that you're website will still work. We can only guarantee support for our own products, we can't provide maintenance for external third parties as we have not been involved in their development or production. You should always consult with us first before purchasing any third party product - we can then advise and ensure your integration will be as smooth as possible.

Once you have a installed a third party using GTM, you'll need to test it before putting it live on your website. If you find a bug with that application, your first port of call should be to contact your third party supplier. There may be a problem with their product or their code which they'll need to address. The key question you should ask yourself is "did my website work before I installed a third party application?" If the answer is yes, there's a good chance the third party is at fault and may need to do further work their end.

If your third party can't find a fault with their product, you'll need to contact your Webdadi Account Manager. We can then investigate the issue further for you. if we find a genuine fault with your website, we'll fix it free of charge as per our normal terms and conditions. However, if the fault is identified to lie within the implementation of the third party application, you may be charged. However, hopefully it won't come to that as most third parties should be able to fully advise on their implementation and ensure their own products are functioning properly.
If your third party is asking for more technical information, the below should help them:

Javascript Code Snippets

These can be installed directly into GTM.  The code snippet will need to be pasted directly into the a new Tag. You will then need to decide when the Tag is Triggered. You may even have your own Recipe available within GTM which can be used.

HTML Code Snippets

These can be installed directly into GTM.  The code snippet will need to be pasted directly into the a new Tag. You will then need to decide when the Tag is Triggered. You may even have your own Recipe available within GTM which can be used.
Additionally, you are able to paste HTML code snippets within our VIA software directly if you wish to place some content on the website.  The customer will have their own login to our VIA software, and has the ability to paste HTML code into pages or items that have been added to website pages. The HTML is then directly able to link to a code snippet or recipe that has been installed in GTM.


We will initially assume that your code snippet contains everything the customer needs, and that all of the necessary styling and design have been taken care of. However, if you require Webdadi to do any additional CSS styling, or indeed, add bespoke elements to a website page or multiple pages in order to trigger your API, then Webdadi should be consulted so a necessary quote can be drawn up for the additional work we'll need to do.
 The third party should always be clear with the client exactly what their code snippet will and won't do, and explicitly explain any further design work or functionality changes which will need to occur in order to facilitate their API
 The customer has the option to add themselves, or indeed ask a third party, to write HTML with integral CSS which can be pasted directly into our VIA CMS software. In this scenario, whereby the work can be carried out by either the customer or a third party, then there will be no charge from Webdadi. However, where the CSS works are not carried out by the Webdadi team, the customer is responsible for any bugs caused by their or a third parties' work.

Who we've integrated with

Google Tag Manager and Facebook PixelFeefo, ValPal and TrustpilotMoneypenney and One Dome