Setting up property alert emails that contain the correct URL to your website

If you use a third party CRM to send property alert emails for your properties, you'll need to make sure those emails are setup correctly to ensure they properly link back to your website.

The website URL for each property is unique. You'll notice that the URL is rather long winded, and contains a multitude of information about the property. However, each of your properties can also be accessed through a shorter URL. You can let your CRM provider know this shorter URL structure, and how it is constructed, so that they can create an easy way of generating the website address for any property

Any property can be accessed through this short URL structure:


eg: /property/146879

Your third party CRM should always know the property code, as this is a unique code that is generated in your CRM and sent to us. By knowing this URL structure, they should be able to easily ensure you property alerts emails are generating the correct URL link in your property alert emails.