Estate Agent Website SEO

Webdadi’s website platform is built to perform well on Google for the keywords that matter for your estate agency.
SEO For Estate Agents - What Our Websites Do

A Wealth of SEO Experience

We have spent over 15 years building estate agent websites and have amassed a wealth of experience which has shaped the technology we’ve built specifically to make the most of Google.

We help estate agents punch well above their weight against brands such as Foxtons, Hamptons, Dexters and many more in the keyword searches that matter to estate agents.

Automated SEO

The advantage of an estate agent website from Webdadi is so much of the clever work is done by the website platform automatically, meaning you don’t have waste time, effort and money trying to understand SEO .

Regular Updates

We stay up to date with the latest updates from Google. This means when Google releases core updates, we release updates to the website platform in unison to keep you up to date.

Well structured

Simply put, we code things well. We build sites that Google likes and abide by best practices. Our websites have everything you need, such as XML sitemaps, alt tags on images and customizable H1s, window titles and meta descriptions.

Descriptive URLs

All of the URLs we use on our website are structured in a way as to be descriptive and understandable by Google. This is particularly useful on property listing & search results pages. If you notice the pages on your website contain nonsensical characters and numbers, we’d recommend switching website provider. If you don’t know what the URL is saying, Google won’t either.

Property listings & searches

Your property stock is the greatest weapon you have in your websites armoury. We cleverly use this data to ensure your website ranks well for property search terms such as “Houses for sale in Cambridge.” We use your property stock to reinforce your credentials in your local area.

Alerts & notifications

Our platform will tell you if you’ve done something wrong. We don’t expect you to be an SEO expert, that’s why our software will alert you to any mistakes or errors you might be making when adding or editing your website.

SSL Security

Our websites come preloaded with a free SSL certificate to improve security. This shows visitors that your site is verified and secure from hackers, and also helps to improve your SEO ranking.

Advice from experts

Our estate agent website packages include key services from our talented & experienced team.  Our dedicated project managers offer help and advise you on how best to structure and build your website. This helps ensure our websites perform well in the metrics Google values.

Long visit times

The longer people spend on your website, the more interesting Google views your site as being. A long visit time tells Google that there is lots of useful content for visitors.

Low bounce rate

A “bounce” is when someone enters a website and only visits one page before leaving. An easily navigable website which encourages users to explore ensures you have a low bounce rate.

Well structured

This means a site that Google can make sense of and is easy to navigate. We’ll help Google understand your website by having a menu and pages that are laid out clearly.

Lots of visitors

If everyone is visiting a website, it must be good! We’ll help drive traffic to your website and maximise the number of new and returning visitors.

User journey

Google likes it when users spend time looking at pages and navigating through a website. We’ll help you build a website that encourages users to continually digest more information.

We give you complete control

An estate agent website from Webdadi comes with our CMS software VIA. You can add blogs, edit your website, and even build new website pages to put you in complete control of your SEO strategy or outsource it to an SEO consultancy easily.

Customisable meta data

Add and edit your H1, H2 and H3 titles, window titles, meta descriptions and alt tags on your images. You can control every element of your website content.

Full blogging capability

Add new blogs to keep your website up to date with fresh new content and information. You can also place your blog articles on any page of your website to ensure updating your website is quick and easy.

Customizable URLs & 301 Redirects

You can customise your page’s URL structure and easily setup 301 redirects should you need to.

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