SEO for Estate Agents & Letting Agents

Your website can now rank highly on Google for the keywords that matter to your estate agency and give you a clear understanding of performance without spending thousands on SEO consultants.
SEO For Estate Agents

SEO for Estate Agents made simple

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation and what you need to do for your estate agent website to rank higher on Google can be daunting. As estate agent’s you’re busy with the day to day task of selling and letting property. We’ll take the technical jargon and mystery away from SEO so you can finally have a high performing website and understand what’s working and why.

What SEO do you provide for estate agents?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting your website to rank well on Google for the keyword searches that matter to your business, such as “estate agents in Birmingham”.

There are many ways you can do this, but Webdadi specialise in the following:

We build websites that rank high on Google

Our website platform is built to perform well on Google. We have over a decade of experience and technical knowledge on how to tick all the compliance boxes Google needs.

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Our websites make things easy

Our website platform uses clever tools and tricks to make your estate agent website rank well for the keywords that matter to your business, without you having to do anything other than add your usual property listings in your estate agent CRM (Vebra, Reapit, etc)

We make things clear for you 

We don’t confuse you with technical jargon. We provide help and clear instructions on what you need to do and why during your website build and provide you with software that prompts you to take important but simple actions when needed after you’ve launched your website.

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Need more details about our SEO services?

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Additional estate agent SEO services & products

If you haven’t got a Webdadi website we can still help with your SEO. Now you can purchase affordable SEO solutions with clear goals and results.

SEO Page Optimisation -
£99/per page

We’ll write and optimise your website page’s window titles, meta description and H1 headers to target the best keyword phrases to improve your page’s ranking.

SEO Website Review - 

We’ll review your website & produce a report on your website performance with key recommendations. No sales pitch, just an honest, clear and understandable overview of your website.

Google PPC -

We can setup and run your Google PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising campaigns. If you don’t want to wait to improve your SEO organically, PPC campaigns can drive traffic to your website instantly.

Frequently asked questions about Estate Agent SEO

As an estate agent, your local reputation is important. We understand that a lot of your vendors and landlords come from recommendations, previous vendors/landlords and good old-fashioned networking & customer care.

However, there are hundreds of local people who are selling or letting their homes who don’t know who you are. They will simply Google “estate agent in X” to research and find an estate agent who can help them. If you’re not on page 1 of Google, you’re missing out on these valuations and potential instructions.

You may have a great customer base without focusing on SEO, but why would you neglect the potential to win new instructions and grow your business? A good website with good SEO can target hundreds of potential customers quickly and easily whilst you continue building your business in the traditional way.

No. Quite simply, your website should rank well on Google or it’s not doing its job. A good website provider should be providing a website framework which ticks all the technical boxes that Google likes.

As with any industry, the quality of work they provide can vary greatly. You wouldn’t hire a builder who couldn’t build an extension according to building regulations, so why would you hire a website builder who couldn’t meet the same digital standards of coding?

Hiring industry experts with a wealth of experience is important.

We have over 15 years’ experience and in house expertise to make sure our websites are built to the highest technical standards and constantly update our platform according to Google’s core updates.

Over that time we have also built up extensive data and knowledge on what your potential customers are searching to find local estate agents online and have made sure those keyword phrases are built into our website’s core.

In short, we are technical experts, we understand estate agents and their customers behaviour on Google.

As an estate agent, you want to be selling/letting property and carrying out new valuations. You don’t have time to dedicate hours a week writing content for your website or analysing performance.

At Webdadi, our websites uses your property listings in clever ways that Google likes. It means you can boost your SEO performance just by adding your usual property listings information into your property CRM, not spend hours writing content or articles for your website.

In brief, we’ll take care of 90% of the things needed to help your website rank highly in Google without your input. If you want to invest your time in the next 10% you can, but you’ll likely find you’re already out performing your competitors and attracting new vendors and landlords.

No, you don’t need to. We provide you with 90% of what you need for a high performing website.

Whilst you may want to hire an SEO consultant, the important thing is Webdadi provides you with everything you need to get the foundations correct and make an informed decision about what you might need help with.

Our CMS software also allows any consultant to edit your website content and action your keyword strategy.

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