With several Website designers for estate agents, how do you know who to choose? Here we focus on  which solution is right for your needs.

So, what’s the difference between our competitors and Webdadi?  
We get this question frequently and want to give a fair comparison between the two. 

What we have to offer...

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Webdadi provides an Estate Agency specific Content Management system. You can make either simple or complex changes to your website yourself, completely free and exactly when you need it.
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Webdadi offers many plugins available directly in the Webdadi Store. Add features to your website without any setup costs, just a one click installation. Schools data, instant valuation tools, or transport data, all at the touch of a button.
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Webdadi’s experienced & specialised Web design service uses creative people, not technical people to deliver your Website.

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Security is at the heart of what we do. Webdadi have a Private Cloud of 7 servers, reducing the chance of hacks and DDOS attacks.
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Lettings fee legislation updates and a GDPR update are just some of the recent updates that have been released completely free to help your business with compliance.
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Webdadi customers get 50% off any new website template. We reserve the best deals for our loyal customers.

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How do we compare to our competitors?





Template websites available

Bespoke websites available

Property Imports from 3rd Party systems
Hybrid websites - a Template base with Bespoke page design options, like Atom
Free updates to Template Websites - New features & functionality released periodically
Choice of Template Website layout for individual CMS pages
Ability to Edit your page's layout structure yourself for Free
Choose & Add dynamic animation effects like 'fly-in' to add to items
Website builder - build entire new website pages even the menu yourself
Page and Item cloning - Quickly build new website pages from others
Choose & Add different hover effects to your page items
Store of plugins and see what's already installed
Digital Signage Module - Create your own digital screen property slideshows

Full CRM Module

Real-time property updates to your website with CRM Module

How is this possible?

Our competitor’s templates still require developers to code the Websites meaning they are less appealing to your visitors. 

We created the property market's first estate agents Website builder and content management platform, called VIA (pronounced Veeya). Our technical team of developers focus their time on developing our platform for creative teams of designers to use efficiently. Our solution is a true market first, turning our Websites into an App that can update just like your mobile phone apps. This means they will also age far slower than our competitors' sites, providing you superb value for money and return on your investment.