Welcome to VIA Property Editor Edition; an introduction to the basics of using your VIA software to manage your property listings

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09:38, 01 February 2023

Your VIA software is a light version of a CRM software which you can use to manage your property listings for the purposes of online marketing and managing them through to completion.

How to login to your software

Logging into your software is easy. Just go to your website address, followed by /webdadi

1) Adding a new user

Firstly, you'll want to ensure that all the members of staff that need to use the CRM software have access.

When you add a new user, you can choose what user rights to give them. This will mean you can lock out certain functionality and ensure the member of staff can only access what you want them to.

VIA allows you to control who has access to your software and fully manage your account, including deleting and revoking users access

Adding a new user to VIA

User rights in VIA - what access should I give my staff?


Top Tip - The Super User & Manager user rights should be reserved for the most senior people as they give access to your entire account, including adding and deleting users. The Standard, Basic and Read Only user rights are designed for your general members of staff

2) Adding a new property listing

Adding a new property listing is simple. The articles below will show you how to add a new listing & how to edit an existing one

How to upload/add a property listing

How to edit a property

Previewing properties, selecting multiple properties and actioning tasks

Uploading media to properties; what file formats are needed.

How to add a video tour to your properties

Changing a property listing from a sales to a lettings property, or from a lettings to a sales listing

Property chain management; how to add the details of properties above & below your property to see a complete property chain

SEO Hints & tips; why entering your property address correctly in your CRM is so important to your website's performance

3) Uploading a property listing to the property portals

The following article will show you how to send a property listing to the property portals, as well as showing common mistakes, queries and troubleshooting articles.

Uploading a property to the property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla or On The Market

Why is my property not exporting to the property portals? Common mistakes that prevent properties from being sent to the portals correctly

How to check if a property has been added/removed from the property portals successfully

4) Creating letters & documents

VIA allows you to generate letters and documents that will automatically pull in the information about a property record. This allows you to create valuation letters, offers letters, or any other letter/document templates you might require

MailMerge Plugin - How to generate letters and documents for a property using the templates that have been uploaded to VIA

MailMerge Plugin - Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

VIA MailMerge cannot merge information, macros blocked warning

VIA MailMerge - Creating your own letter/document templates

5) The Training & Support Centre

To view our full catalogue of guides and videos, head to the Training & Support centre in VIA. Simply login and click the blue Training & Support button on the left hand side. You can use the keyword search to look for further guides and videos.

The following features/functionality are not available in your version of the software, but are available should you wish to upgrade to VIA CRM Edition for a more comprehensive list of estate agency features.

6) Adding a new contact (applicant, vendor, landlord, contractor etc)

The following articles will show you how to add contacts to your VIA software, edit existing contacts, and generate contact lists. You can then trigger tasks for contacts.

Adding a new contact (such as an applicant, vendor, landlord, contractor, solicitor, developer etc)

Editing a contact record (such as an applicant, vendor, landlord, contractor, solicitor, developer etc)

Searching for contacts; how to generate call lists or contact reports

Previewing contacts, selecting multiple contacts and actioning tasks

Generating a list of applicants, vendors or landlords by registration, review or last contacted date

Generating a list of recently registered applicants from the contacts tab

Generating a list of vendors from the contacts tab or the property tab

Generating a list of landlords from the contacts tab or the property tab

How to change the owner of a contact

7) Applicant/property matching & sending property alerts emails

Within VIA you can match properties to applicants or applicant to properties.

There are also two options for sending property alerts

The following articles run through the details of both of these options

Applicant/property matching in VIA and manually sending email property alerts to the relevant matches

Automated Property Alerts

8) Creating & sending email newsletters

Within VIA, you can manually create email newsletters templates and email them to your contact database.

Creating a new newsletter email template

How to send an email newsletter


How to create email newsletter mailing lists

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