How to edit a property

Article - 815890438

09:10, 28 April 2023

  1. Login to VIA.

  2. Click the top tab (labelled Property Editor or CRM).

  3. A new tab will open. Use the search bar to search for the property you want to edit. You can click the Advanced button to reveal more search filters to use to find your property. When you are ready to initiate your search, click the blue Search button.

  4. Your property/properties will display in a list.

  5. Find the property you want to edit, and either double click it, or right click and select Edit.

  6. A new tab will open displaying the property details. Edit the property as required, then click the Save and Close or Save buttons.

Please note: Re-saving a property will update it on the property portals and on your website.


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Article ID: 815890438