Website leads tile; how to action leads and mark them as complete/dealt with

Article - 814284801

15:53, 25 July 2022

When you login to VIA, the website leads tile will show you every lead which has been submitted on your website alongside key information relevant to their enquiry.

Where a contact has submitted multiple leads that haven’t been actioned, they will be grouped together within the tile to give you a complete history of the contact’s interaction with your website

How do I see this information?

Simply login to VIA. The Website Leads tile will be on your home screen/dashboard

Who’s see’s what leads?

How do I action the lead?

What if I want my staff to access this lead information but I won’t want them editing the website?

Can I see a report of all of my leads?

If you are using Lead Manager or CRM Edition software then yes.

Article ID: 814284801