How often does data like notes and stats get purged/deleted from VIA?

Article - 810844161

08:24, 06 December 2023

Notes in VIA, as dated by their “created date”, where they have not been manually created by a VIA User, only ever last (get stored) for 2 years, as part of the automated housekeeping bot that is running. This has been the case with our previous V5 CRM system. Essentially this means Webdadi’s systems are therefore purging all system notes like the note status “Updated” when a note’s created date reaches 24 months from when it was first created by the system.

Stats are also purged after 2 years to keep the system running smoothly as well.

The property feed stats by status changes are all purged after 2 years

Email Notification logging of what has been sent as an email notification is purged after 2 years.

Whilst Webdadi maintain viewings, valuations and offers appointment data for the duration of the subscription, Webdadi reserve the right to review and change this benefit due to the change of storage quotas and caps put in place by third-parties. Costs for storage and availability to storage in 2022 through the use of additional redundant storage capability is required the longer a customer remains with Webdadi and access to historic data. These elastic costs and improvement changes to security and disaster recovery infrastructure, may increase your subscription costs over time, in order to provide access and availablity to current and historic data.

Article ID: 810844161