How to change the Window Title of an Offices Page

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11:28, 06 April 2022

Did you know that you can change the SEO for a Window Title and the Meta Description for your Offices Pages in VIA? It’s actually quite simple and a must get right.

Depending on the version of VIA software that you have, CRM or Lead Manager will have an Offices Menu link showing your offices. The offices list is used by our Portal exports system as well as the Website. The office entity in the list contains the setup necessary to send any leads to the office’s primary email address and is also where you define the page’s SEO, such as the Window Title which is crucial for search.

Double Click an office in the Offices list and scroll down to the Field showing the ‘Window Title’ entry.

We recommend that you enter the location as one of the primary and secondary keywords to allow for sales and lettings in any given Office location.


Kingston Estate Agents | Letting Agents in Kingston - MyAgencyName

The Pipe symbol - is supposed to denote an OR search alternative for other similar keywords that will bring up the relevant page which is slightly different. For people searching Lettings in Kingston, it is just as important as just having estate agents in Kingson for people typically looking generically perhaps to sell a property. So add a Window Title in the vein of the above example and then Save & Close the page once you have made your changes.

Also, remember to add/change the Meta Description to be context useful so you see this below the Google Page title so your reader sees what the page is about which should be relevant to what they searched for.

MyAgencyName are leading estate agents in Kingston Upon Thames with flats and houses for sale and to rent across South West London

Article ID: 795246593