MailMerge Plugin - How to create letter & document templates for properties in VIA

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14:08, 05 July 2021

The MailMerge feature within VIA allows you to easily create letters & documents that automatically pull in the details of any property using Microsoft Word. At the click of a button, you can create specific documents for a property and automatically pull in the relevant information such as the vendor's name, address, and more.

Utilising Microsoft Word's native MailMerge functionality, VIA makes every field against a property available to be used within Word, so that generating all types of letters and documents becomes a breeze.

Creating your own MailMerge document templates

Step 1. Download our template

Download the Microsoft Word template directly from VIA. This template must be used to create any letter documents you want to use within VIA. To do this:

Step 2. Create your document

Open your newly saved Microsoft Word template from wherever you have saved it. You can then start to build your letter template.

Simply create your word document in the usual way, adding your header, footer, and the body of text. If at any point you wish to insert the details of a property or contact from VIA, simply copy and paste the relevant MailMerge fields into your document.

For a full list of available MailMerge fields, please contact our Customer Services team on who can provide you with a comprehensive MailMerge guide.

Once you've completed your document, save it in a location of your choice.

Step 3. Upload your document to VIA

Once you've completed your document, you can upload it to VIA and enable that document to be created at the click of a button for any property or multiple properties.

To upload your document:

You can categorise your documents in whatever way you choose. You can create a storage area to hold multiple documents of a certain type. For example, you could create a storage area called Landlord Letters that contains all of the letters you need to generate for a Landlord.

To create a storage area

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