How to fix your Google Maps if they aren't displaying correctly or have a greyed out watermark on them

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09:05, 21 August 2023

My maps are not working?

In order to use the Google Maps functionality on your website, each customer must have their own Google account. This is not something that Webdadi can do for you, as each commercial business has to have their own Google account in order to abide by Google's terms of use. Please note - we do not hold any details of any customer's Google accounts.

  1. Check that your billing information has been correctly added to your account

If the maps aren't working on your website, please double check that the billing information has been added correctly to your Google account as the API project won't work without this being authorised.

2. Check that you have authorised the necessary map APIs relevant to the functionality on your website

You will need to ensure the the following five map API's are enabled:

Please note; If you have updated your card/billing details and ensured the map APIs are enabled but your Google maps are still not displaying correctly, you will need to regenerate your map API keys and add them to your VIA software.

Generate/obtain the necessary API keys from your Google account. To add them to your website:

  1. Ensure you have restricted your Google Maps API Key

You might find that your website maps are not working even once you have added your billing details and authorised the relevant map APIs. In this instance, a lack of restrictions on your API key could cause your maps not to work correctly. Please read the article below for instructions on how to add restrictions to your API keys. This will ensure your maps are not misused or abused in their use.

Restricting your Google Maps API key

Please be aware that the maps are a Google product and may need Google's dedicated Maps API helpdesk to look into any technical issue that you are having. Below is a link to Google Maps Platform Support and Resources page.

If you need to contact Google's support team:

Article ID: 441745504