Customising/editing appointment confirmation emails

Article - 439517235

11:58, 16 April 2021

How to customise the appointment confirmation emails that you send to your contacts, including how to add a link to your website.

The appointment confirmation email which is triggered to all attendee's email addresses when you add a calendar appointment is a standard template.

It will pull in your company logo, your website address, plus links to your social media accounts. To edit these, please see the relevant training guide article on changing your company logos and updating your social media accounts.

The email will pull also pull in the relevant information of the calendar appointment:

It also pulls in the Subject field. This field is a free text box for you to enter any information you need. If you enter a URL link, then this link will be clickable by the recipient of the email. You can use this field to link to particular information or documents on your website. eg:

Article ID: 439517235