Adding a new calendar appointment to your diary

Article - 438075572

13:14, 16 April 2021

How to add appointments to your calendar, how to trigger an email to the attendees you invite, and how to track all viewings & valuations you've booked in.

To add a calendar appointment:

You also have the option to add a Property Valuation or a Property Viewing from either the Contacts or Property search, or directly from the Property or Contact record within VIA. If you are in the edit view of a property or contact, go to the Activity section and select the Add Valuation or Add viewing buttons. If you are in the search/list view of properties or contacts, right click the property or contact, select Add Appointment, then select the appropriate Valuation or Viewing option.

If you add an appointment through either of these means, the appropriate property or attendee will automatically be added to the appointment for you.

Email notifications

An email will automatically be sent to all attendees added to an appointment if the Notify all attendees box is ticked. Unticking this box will ensure an email is not sent when you add an appointment

Article ID: 438075572