Customising the VIA dashboard/home tab

Article - 283082796

10:23, 28 October 2021

Customising/editing the tiles which appear on your VIA dashboard/home tab.

When you log into VIA, the very first screen you will see is the VIA Dashboard.

The dashboard is a series of tiles giving you information about your website and/or the daily tasks you need to perform. It is a snap shot of information to help you organise your workload.

This dashboard can be customised to only show the relevant tiles which are relevant to you.

To customise the dashboard:

Will my preferences still be there the next time I log on?

Yes, as long as you are logging into VIA on the same browser, your tile selection will be there when you next log on.

Your dashboard preferences are saved in a cookie within the browser. As long as you don't clear your cookies, or try to log in on a completely new browser in which you haven't set your dashboard preferences before, your dashboard will continue to be customised.

The cookie is set to have a duration of 365 days. If a user doesn't log in for a year, then the cookie will be dropped and the dashboard reset

If you do log onto VIA in a new browser, or accidently clear your cookies, follow the simple steps above to reset your preferences.

Article ID: 283082796