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From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force. It is an EU regulation designed to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union.
Although Britain will be leaving the European Union, this regulation will still apply whilst Britain is a member of the EU, and will apply to any business trading with citizens within the EU.

1. GDPR Principles

The simplistic terms, GDPR is structured around six principles:

A. Requiring transparency on the handling and use of personal data.
B. Limiting personal data processing to specified, legitimate purposes.
C. Limiting personal data collection and storage to intended purposes.
D. Enabling individuals to correct or request deletion of their personal data.
E. Limiting the storage of personally identifiable data for only as long as necessary for its intended purpose.
F. Ensuring personal data is protected using appropriate security practices.  

In order to help our customers with GDPR compliance, Webdadi will be releasing a series of upgrades, innovations and optimisations across our website & software platforms which adhere to the above principles. These are listed within this document.

*IMPORTANT* It is imperative that customers carry out their own diligence to ensure their business is GDPR compliant. Whilst Webdadi will be updating their own products and services, these will be limited to allowing customers to comply with GDPR in the context of using Webdadi’s products.

Customers should still carry out their own due diligence to ensure their internal processes and procedures, data storage outside of the Webdadi platform (physical or electronic), third party software, and other systems which the client uses are compliant.

2. What Website Templates will Webdadi be upgrading?

All our responsive Website templates will be upgraded. These include:

Quantum Plus
Zephyr Plus

3. What do I need to do if my website will be upgraded?

The upgrades, innovations and optimisations will automatically be rolled out to your website and software. We will release these across our platform over the next couple of months’ in advance of the 25th May deadline.

Once these have been rolled out, you will still need to use these tools appropriately to ensure GDPR compliance. The system will prompt you to action specific tasks, but it’s imperative the tasks are completed by you and that you have done your own due diligence to ensure you are providing accurate and honest information.

If you currently don’t have access to our new VIA Website Edition software, you should contact your Account Manager by the 1st March 2018 and reserve your time slot for us to upgrade you (free of charge).
If any customer has any further requirements or suggestions in relation to GDPR that those listed below, please contact your Account Manager.

4. What will the GDPR upgrades include?

a. Legacy Data Download 
Webdadi software currently stores “deactivated” contacts data. Much of this data will be out of date, and as such deactivated contacts will be permanently deleted from our database prior to the 25th May deadline.

Every client will have the ability to download this data from their software prior to it being deleted by us so they have a copy of this data should they need it. They can then carry out their own assessment of the data.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle E

b. Automatic deletion of data & email notifications
Webdadi’s V5 & VIA software will be upgraded to allow the permanent deletion of data should a customer require to use it. After the 25th May, all contacts marked as deactivated will be deleted permantely from the system.

In addition, customer’s who request to delete their account which they have created online will automatically be deleted in the VIA & V5 software. An automated email will also be sent, informing the estate agent that the client has deleted their account so that the estate agent can delete any further contact data they hold for that contact.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle E

c. New Account/Login system
Currently, all websites have the ability for users to create an account, and specify the criteria of properties they are looking for.

This functionality will be upgraded with increased security to protect the user’s data, as well as having additional features for the user to save their favourite properties and specify the forms of communication they would like to receive.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle A, B, C, D, E and F

d. Dedicated GDPR tab in VIA & alert section
VIA Website Edition software will now have a dedicated GDPR section so you can centrally control the key elements of your website that relate to GDPR compliance.

These will include:

i. Data usage policy. You can specify your data usage policy, explaining how you use customer data. This will then be outputted onto your website wherever you collect this data, allowing the customer to tick a box to agree to this usage policy. If customer’s do not agree to the policy, it will prevent them from submitting their contact details.
ii. You will be able to specify a specific email address to receive alerts about customer’s who have requested that their personal data is deleted. You can then coordinate the removal of this data wherever it might be stored
iii. Ability to download any legacy contact data our system is storing. We will then receive an alert notifying us that you have successfully downloaded the data prior to it being removed completely from Webdadi’s systems
iv. The VIA homepage/dashboard will have an action review panel alerting you to key tasks that haven’t been completed so you can address them

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle A, B, C, D, E and F

e. SSL (HTTPS) Certificates
Webdadi customers can request their website be upgraded to include SSL security.

Webdadi will automatically create and configure SSL certificates for your website, giving you a “secure” status in your browser. Google will begin to prioritise “secure” sites, so upgrading will have SEO benefits as well as being a more secure solution.

SSL certificates aren’t essential for GDPR compliance, but having a more secure online presence will be beneficial. There will be a small setup charge to implement the initial work to set this up, as well as a yearly support fee to cover the maintenance and renewal of your SSL certificates after the initial setup.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle F

f. Webdadi Gateway
Any website user will be able to visit and request to see what personal data Webdadi stores for them and request this data to be deleted.

Webdadi will then send an alert to the customer for whom we are storing the data, stating the details of this user and informing them that this data has been requested to be deleted. The estate agent can then take the necessary actions required to remove this data.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle A and D

g. Upgrades to Webdadi’s backend systems

Webdadi will be carrying out a series of upgrades to its internal frameworks, servers and infrastructure to ensure any transmission of data is even more secure, minimising the possibility of data being intercepted or read by non authorised users.

Whilst you won’t physically be able to see this change in either your website or the software, these changes will help to keep your data secure.

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle F

h. Data Breach Planning
In the unlikely event that Webdadi data is compromised, Webdadi has a strict data breach process that will be implemented once a data breach has been identified. This will ensure any client is informed within 24 hours of the breach being identified.

Customers can then implement their own data breach processes to inform their clients to ensure they comply with the GDPR requirements

What principle of GDPR does this satisfy?
Principle A and F

5. What Websites won’t be upgraded?

Any Bespoke-build Website or any Website on our old, non-responsive #Tag framework will not be upgraded with the innovations, upgrades and optimisations listed in this document. These include:

Terra Firma

The above list of Website templates are built on an older technology, and as such, simply aren’t able to be fitted with the latest web technologies available to ensure GDPR compliance.
Any bespoke websites will also not be upgraded to include the entire GDPR upgrade. Any bespoke client will need to specifically request any changes to their website. If in doubt do just call us or leave us a Chat message and we will get back to you.

6. What options do I have if my website will not be upgraded?

Option 1
Customer’s should carry out their own GDPR review to identify which parts of their website will not comply with the new regulations. You can then edit and amend these parts of your website using your Webdadi content management software, editing the content or hiding/deleting particular pages as you see fit.

You may need our assistance in removing certain elements from website that are deemed non GDPR compliant. As such, we require any request to be submitted to us by the 14th February 2018 for our consideration. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to carry out your request, dependent upon the limitations of the old framework technology mentioned above.

Option 2
Customer’s can upgrade to one of our new responsive website templates. Webdadi customers are entitled to 50% off the RRP of any of these templates. Our responsive websites will be fully supported by us. Customer’s will receive free innovations updates which will give you useful upgrades and performance enhancements to your website periodically. You will also then receive our GDPR upgrades for free as they are rolled out across the platform.

If you wish to upgrade your website to one of our new responsive website templates, please email or call 020 8246 6060 (option 1).

We must receive your order by the 23rd February 2018 in order to ensure your new website will be ready and live prior to the GDPR regulation coming into force on the 25th May 2018.

You will receive a number of advantages in upgrading your website aside from GDPR, which include increased lead generation, increased SEO and a more modern looking website. We will also be able to upgrade you to our new VIA Website Edition software free of charge once you upgrade. This is our latest content management software that will allow greater customisation of your website than ever before, as well as a brand new interface and features such as an SEO review panel and website statistic reporting.