Why Use Atom?



Most websites offer basic software that allows you to change the rudimental titles, images and wording on your website pages after it goes live. But what happens if you want to change something else? Are you going to rack up unwanted costs for every small adaptation you want to make?

With Atom, you get access to the most advanced content management system (CMS) which has been designed specifically for estate agents. You can control virtually everything yourself;  change the wording, titles and images on your pages, control and design the layout of your pages, edit and amend your website menu, your partner logos, you can even control the property search parameters of your website. Add blogs quickly and easily and change the featured properties on your home page at the touch of a button.

Atom even allows you to build brand new pages, so you can be sure your website will meet your digital marketing needs for years to come. Save money every time you make a change, and future proof your website from hidden costs.

Imagine if you could literally save money every time you hit that save button? Well, now you don’t have to.


Some website templates simply drop your logo into place and change the colours to match your brand. Some, don't even allow you to use your own font.

Atom websites are different. They are built by designers whose sole purpose is to build the most attractive website we can. We take design very seriously, and their creative input is all part of the service.

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have. Why should you have a website that looks like everyone else’s when you can have a site lovingly crafted by experts.




There are loads of different Atom options available to suit every budget. Not only that, but as a Microsoft financing partner, Webdadi can offer Microsoft financing packages so you can pay for your website monthly over a set period* .

Atom Elements lets you build your own website using our software. From £799, you can build our own website quickly and easily. You have all of the powerful functionality of Atom at your fingertips for a DIY solution.

Our Atom themes are a series of template style websites. From £2499, you can choose the theme that suits your business, and we’ll build a version using your branding and content. You can make changes to the design during the build thanks to our fully project managed and consultative service. Our designers will build everything for you, but you are still able to have your creative input during the project.

Atom Pick ‘n’ Mix lets you fully consult on your website build, essentially offering a fully bespoke service. From £3,499, you can choose from a range of design options and work with our designers throughout the build to create the perfect website for your business.

*Microsoft financing is offered at an agreed %APR and is subject to credit checks by Microsoft


Your website is your digital shop window. It can reach out to thousands of potential vendors and landlords, and gets more visitors than any physical office you might have.

Location is important for your offices. You want your customers to find you easily, and you want a presence in your local Area. It’s the same for your website. If your website isn’t appearing highly on Google for the keywords that matter to your business, then you can’t connect to hundreds/thousands of potential customers. You could have the nicest looking site in the world, but it’s useless if no one can find it.

Atom ranks highly in Google, and gives you control over your SEO strategy, so you can continue to change and adapt to future challenges. If you Google “estate agents in Brockley” and you’ll find our customer Bryan and Keegan at number 1. If you type “Estate Agents in Westminster” into Google – you guessed it, another Webdadi website appearing at number 1 for Moretons.




That’s right. Webdadi.com was built using Atom. We use exactly the same website technology that we sell to our customers. We know the quality of the product, and we want the same market leading technologies as our customers to market our business.

By using the platform, we get the best knowledge of whether it meets our digital marketing needs. If we can’t achieve what we want within Atom, we’ll innovate on the platform and release new features and functionality to make sure we can. And guess what, we’ll give you access to those new features free of charge through our innovation updates. Atom works like an app, with constant updates that you can download to keep your website up to date.