Free Upgrades For Your Website

On this page you will find all our new product releases and updates.

Not only do we constantly develop new product offerings, but we regularly release updates to our existing website templates free of charge.  Our customers' websites continue to evolve and generate leads for their business, even after they’ve purchased their website with us.

Once you’re in our gang, we’ll look after you.


Traditional website templates confine you to rigid layouts and limit what you can achieve with your website.

Atom is different.

Atom allows you to customise your website to a whole new level. With thousands of configurable layout options, you can choose an initial template theme that suits your business, but customise it further to give your website a bespoke look and feel.

Atom has all the advantages of a template website, combined with the freedom of bespoke design. A perfect match.

Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page

Release Date: 22/02/2018

Digital Signage

The High Street is a highly competitive for estate agents. Televisions & digital screens provide the perfect eye catching window displays to attract the thousands of people walking past your high street branch.

Our digital signage software allows to create and publish property slideshows to any of your digital screens quickly and easily. Our cloud solution means you won’t need to invest in complicated or expensive hardware; it simply works with any smart TV or device connected to the internet.

The process is simple. Upload your logo, choose your colours and the design you want to use, then simply add any of the properties on your books you want to display. Hit play, and hey presto, you're broadcasting digital window cards. You can even preview your slideshows before deciding to publish!

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Release Date: 15/01/2017

Via Website Edition

What is Via? 

VIA is our very latest software. VIA Website Edition will be replacing our V5 CMS software. It is the software which enables you to add and edit your website page content. You will have been using Webdadi V5 CMS Edition to do all of this, but VIA is our latest offering which makes things easier, faster, and comes with a host of new features to help improve the look and feel of your website

How much does it cost? 

It's completely FREE! Most providers would charge you to upgrade to their latest software, but not us. We have a firm commitment to our innovation updates, and this is the very first innovation update to your software. All Webdadi V5 CMS customers will be upgraded to our VIA Website Edition software over the next couple of months without any additional setup charges or increases to your monthly subscription. Our Account Manager's will be in touch with you, to help train and give you information about the switch over.

What about my current software?

All your data and info will be pre loaded to the new system for you. Don't worry. When you log into your new software, all of your existing data will simply be copied and uploaded to the new software, so you won't notice any loss of data.Everything will be waiting for you when you log in, right where you left it. In fact, with our new layouts and features, your data will never have been so easily accessible! Simply log into your new software and carry on using your software as normal.

What do I need to do?

Absolutely nothing. Our Account Managers will be in touch with you sometime over the next two months when you're software has been switched over. We'll carry out everything behind the scenes for you to get you ready to roll. We'll simply give you a call as soon as you can access your software, give you a quick training session, and off you go. Click here to learn more

Available for all CMS edition software customers

Release Date: 07/10/16
Price: FREE

Schools Data Plugin

Every school near the property is displayed with colour coded pins relating to their Ofsted rating. You can filter by nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and find all the key information about the school by simply clicking the pin. This great new feature is also cheaper than other solutions, and will be plugged directly into your website, rather than linking to a third party API or iFrame.

Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page.

Release date: 28/06/16

Property Details Upgrade

We've released an upgrade to your property details page. This new details page has a customisable full width image viewer. You can choose the specific height of the image viewer. You can also choose whether to display cropped full letterbox panoramic images, or full size images with image previews.
Release date: 15/05/2016

Page Load Optimisation

With some clever new loading techniques, we've managed to increase the load speed of your website by 80% from our previous technology.

Free for our customers. You may not even notice, but it's already working on your website for you.

Release date: 26/05/2016
Price: FREE

Nearest Schools

We've introduced a nearest schools tile to the property details pages so your users can see the nearest nursery, primary school and secondary school to the property they're viewing.
Free for most responsive template customers (Atom, Kinesis, Zephyr, Quantum, Cascade)
Release date: 30/05/2016
Price: FREE

Quantum Homepage Video

Want to show off a moving video on your Quantum website? Just like we did with the Zephyr template, now you can do the same if you have a Quantum responsive website.

Contact your Webdadi account Manager for more information or call us via our contact page.

Release date: 16/03/16

Let & Sold Properties

Why not show off the properties you've sold or let at your Estate Agency. This new tick options allows your customers to browse through them.

Free for most responsive template customers (Atom, Kinesis, Zephyr, Quantum, Cascade)

Release date: 14/03/16

Video Pages

Now you can display a YouTube video on your website as a Website Page. This is particularly useful for testimonials or guided tours.

Free for most customers

Release date: 08/03/16

Meet Your Agent

You can now display the specific details of the negotiator or agent responsible for the property on the property details page of your website. We'll display their photo, email, phone number and even their Twitter handle!

Add that personal touch, and ensure your clients can contact the right person immediately. There's no need for your agents to miss vital messages or emails, making your agency more efficient and customer focused.

Free for CRM customers on responsive templates.

Release Date: 16/02/2016

No Results Page

Our new 'No Results page' update will pull in a Contact Us form, your area guides, and a preview of your blog to ensure your results page keeps their attention and ensure they stay on your website. You can even add a customised banner to drive traffic to a destination of your choice!

Free for all responsive templates

Release Date: 16/02/2016

Saving Properties

By simply registering on the website, your clients can save any property they want to their account to view later. All of their favourites will be "starred" so they see their choices in the search results.

In addition, all visitors to your website will now see recently viewed properties and similar properties to those they've been searching for at the bottom of the page under a brand new properties you might be interested in section.

We have turned this feature on so you don't need to do anything.

Free for customers on Zephyr, Quantum and Cascade.

Release Date: 16/02/2016

New Mobile Menu

We've updated the menu which displays on all mobile phones and tablet devices. This great, easy to use menu will ensure a better user experience and also make certain people can find the information they need from your website quickly and easily.

If you'd like to add this feature, email us via to get this added.

Free for customers on Cascade, Quantum or Zephyr.

Release Date: 16/02/2016