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Build Your Own Estate Agent Website 

Made specifically for estate agents, our simple to use 

website building software

 means you can build your own website quickly & easily and have complete control over your website design & SEO management. Save money whilst creating exactly the website you want, when you want.

What Webdadi will do:

Our designers will setup & build the first part of your homepage, the “above the fold” section (that’s the first part of the page you see when you first land on the page) to help get you started.

We’ll also import all of your property data so we can build your search results and property details pages to show off your properties in full.

Finally, we’ll build your office page so your customers know how to contact you.

Once that’s complete, our team will be in touch to give you an hour’s worth of training and give you handy hints & tips. We'll also give you your login so you can start building your website!

What you’ll need to do:
10 Steps to building your own website

1. Complete your homepage 

Add any additional elements you want on your homepage to complete the look you want.

2. Build any additional website pages

If you need any more website pages beyond the one’s we’ve built for you, you’ll need to build them and add the content you want.

3. Create your menu

Once you’ve finished your website pages, you’ll need to build your menu so that people can navigate your site and access the information they need.

5. Add your privacy policy

How and why you use your customer’s personal data is more important than ever. Add your privacy policy to the privacy-policy page to publish this information on your website.

8. Start blogging

Start adding blog articles.

  Video Guide

9. Check your website

Go through your entire website and check that you’re happy with your work.

10. Put your site live!

Once your website is ready to go live to the public, contact us and we’ll guide you through the final process.

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