Funky, Fresh & Fun. Xenon is designed to give you a simple, well designed page that is different to traditional estate agency layouts. Xenon helps you stand out from the crowd with a website design more akin to a design house or a graphic design company, rather than just an estate agency.

Full Screen Image Xe

The Xenon theme comes with a full screen image rather than a video. If you'd prefer a video, that's not a problem, you can switch between the two easily using Atom.

Transparent MenuXe

Your menu text is simply overlaid directly onto your image. There's no need for a block of colour to sit over your image, you can make the most of the full screen imagery with this simple yet catchy menu.

Call to Action ButtonXe

A clear call to action button sits underneath the main marketing message. You can advertise the services that are most important to you

Icon SearchXe

Users can search your properties using the subtle magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner of the page. When clicked, the search options will appear, meaning your search no longer has to dominate your homepage.

Simple, Tiled LayoutXe

Xenon has a simple, tiled layout, perfect for clear navigation on mobiles and tablets. Want more tiles? No problem, you can add between 1 to 4 tiles on each row, 

Don't like the grid effect? No problem, you can add any of the modules from other themes to your website instead.

Customisable FooterXe

The footer allows you to upload any image you choose to display in the background. You can either display the image as it, or choose a transparent colour overlay. you can even choose the exact colour and transparency!

Choose what social media links and partner logos you want to display. You can even turn them on and off easily in our VIA Website Edition Software

Xenon has a simple footer, with your company logo, social media links and partner logos in a centralised format. However, if you want to add text to the footer, it can accommodate three columns of text or additional images.


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