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Clean, fresh & professional. Chrome is designed to display all the key information you need quickly & easily, without cluttering the page. With clear call to actions with slick animations, Chrome is the perfect mix of design & functionality.

Full Screen Video Homepage

Grab your customer's attention with a full screen video homepage.

Slide Menu

The subtle slide menu glides in from the side to give a clean and crisp look to your website that maximises the visual impact of your video.

Text Overlay

You can display a clear marketing tagline across your video homepage with clear call to actions for you clients

Icon Search

Users can search your properties using the subtle magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner of the page. When clicked, the search options will appear, meaning your search no longer has to dominate your homepage.

Choose your Layout

You can choose from a whole host of modules to build your website's homepage. Pick from any of the options below and display them in any order you want!

Introduce Your Brand

Introduce your brand here with key messaging for your audience. 
Key Services Tiles

Highlight your key services with stylish tiles. Don't want four tiles?  No problem, Atom's configurable layout allows you to have between 1 and 4 depending on what you want to display. You can also easily add your choice of hover effects to give your site a more interactive feel for your users.
Featured Property Slideshow

Display featured properties on your homepage in a stylish slideshow that simply alternates between your chosen properties. You can add as many properties to the featured property section as you'd like at the touch of a button using our VIA Website Edition Software.
Valuation Forms

Everyone wants valuations from landlords and vendors. We understand they're the life blood of your business. Gather them quickly and easily with the integrated homepage valuation form.
Testimonials Slider

Add testimonial quotes to your homepage to allow users to scroll through your great feedback.

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