28th February 2019 

The Brief

Sowerbys have a clear company ethos; provide their prestigious customer service to every customer and potential customer they encounter. This attitude has resulted in them evolving into a 9-branch agency and becoming one of the dominant forces in the Norfolk property sector, whilst being a beloved member of the local community.

A multi branch agent that has a deep knowledge of the local area, Sowerbys present their knowledge and market their properties using a range of creative multimedia sources, from property walk through videos to driving tanks across Weybourne beaches, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to marketing.

The brief was heavily centered around two cornerstones:

1. Evoke the warmth and compassion Sowerbys portray to their customer base and stylistically display the extensive marketing content, whilst not impeding website speed or usability.

2. In addition, Sowerbys wanted the freedom to further develop and design their website once live. Webdadi was the right choice for Sowerbys as the website is driven by a powerful backend software called VIA. 

VIA has enabled Sowerbys to build detailed pages such as their current development pages and add fresh content to pages, bolstering their search engine optimization.

In the first 3 months of launch Sowerbys saw:


Increase in average time spent on pages 


Increase in Mailto links submitted


Increase in Feedback forms submitted


Decrease in average page download time


Increase in average mobile sesion duration

Source: Google Analytics, 28th February - 28th May 2019, compared to 28th February - 28th May 2018

“Changing web provider is always a big decision, but the offering from Webdadi made it hard to refuse. Paul, Rick, Harry and the rest of the team have been fantastic every step of the way. We wanted a site to embrace our use of video and Webdadi have helped us achieve this better than any other provider on offer. They have always listened to our feedback and tried to achieve what we wanted. I look forward to their continuing development and new tools to help enhance our offering even further.”

Carly Grigglestone, Group Marketing Manager - Sowerbys

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