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Lead management software to maximise the lead conversion from your website.

Send Newsletters, Text Alerts & Property Emails instantly with a click.

Your leads are at their hottest within the first hour of them contacting you. VIA’s Website & Lead Manager software gives you the tools to not only see your latest leads and where they’ve come from, but also action your response instantly whilst tracking and managing your contact history.

With powerful tools to generate reports and collate the key information, you can understand what pages of your website are generating the most leads, and truly understand your digital marketing efforts.

Anyone filling out a form on your website will automatically create a contact record in your VIA software and alert you to any new leads from your website. You'll no longer need to manually add contact details or transfer information between systems. Speed up your response time, increase your conversion rate, and do away with inaccurate data entry by automating the process. 

Search for contacts & report on all of your website leads, safe in the knowledge that your data is accurate and up to date.

With all the great features of Website Edition such as adding blogs, editing your website content and seeing the key statistics of your site, Website & Lead Manager Edition is the best tool for marketing savvy businesses looking to connect their website with the leads it generates.


  • All leads are automatically stored in VIA as new contact records
  • Search any of your website leads over any time frame and report on the lead generation capabilities of your website
  • Text or email property alerts at a click
  • Send customised newsletters which include any of your website blog articles and/or property information
  • Create letters and documents in one click
  • Edit your website page content quickly & easily Build new website pages for your marketing campaigns
  • Add blogs & featured properties
  • Access key statistics about your website such your most popular search terms for bedrooms, price ranges and areas, as well as your top ten website pages and bounce rates
  • See your most popular areas requesting valuations on your website and export an address list of all properties in those areas
  • Increase your lead conversion rates whilst spending less time on admin. 


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