Dispute and Complaint Procedure

1. Dispute & Complaint Procedure

1.1 In the event that the Customer should be dissatisfied with any aspect of service contracted in the Agreement the following procedure should apply:

1.1.1 The Customer's member of senior staff, e.g. branch Manager, or in their absence one of the company directors,  must first inform the Supplier's customer service 'Helpdesk' team in writing alleging the problem together with its period of occurrence and with any relevant evidence required for investigation. The Supplier's senior management team may only be contacted in the first instance if the alleged problem is deemed business critical and therefore requires urgent and immediate attention.

1.1.2 If the senior management staff member, i.e. the branch manager, or in their absence one of the business directors, considers any complaint or problem raised by their member of staff, and if satisfied that it is reasonable, shall then attempt to communicate and resolve the matter initially through the Supplier’s Customer service 'Helpdesk' team, agreeing to follow up any verbal communication of the matter by additionally putting it in writing to the Customer service/ Helpdesk team member spoken to, ensuring the matter is communicated via email to helpdesk@webdadi.com. If any such effort, by the Supplier, is then deemed unsatisfactory an escalation process by the Customer's senior management should follow;

i) the Customer's senior manager, project sponsor or company director, should cordially communicate the matter directly to the Supplier’s senior operations officer - the Operations Manager, normally communicating the specific issue(s), with any evidence, directly in writing to the Supplier’s senior operations officer, additionally copying into the communication  to the Supplier’s Chief Executive Officer. The appropriate remedial course of action to satisfy both parties shall be undertaken by the Supplier, time being of the essence.

1.2 In the event that the Customer should be dissatisfied with a piece of Web development work carried out by Agreement between the Customer and the Supplier, the following procedure applies:

i) The Customer's sponsor or stakeholder in the piece of development work in question, or in their absence a business director, must initially notify the Customer service/Helpdesk team in writing of the defect, bug or complaint with a summary of its description, the scenario or circumstances where the defect, bug or problem has been allegedly found, supplying any and all relevant information necessary to enable the Supplier to investigate and resolve the matter, and have the necessary and reasonable opportunity to remedy the cause in a reasonable time with time being of the essence. In addition the Supplier’s development team require time to reacquaint themselves with the issue and facilitate a solution as soon as is reasonably possible to do so with time being of the essence. The earlier notice is received by the Supplier of any issue, the faster it will be for the Supplier to resolve due to the minimisation of developer re-acquaintance with written code and any of its dependencies.

ii) The Supplier shall investigate the issues raised by the Customer and work to a satisfactory resolution for both parties, where it has reasonably been enabled to do so (1.2.i).

1.2.1 If any such effort, by the Supplier, is then deemed unsatisfactory an escalation process to the Client’s senior management should follow (

1.3 Monthly Subscription Fee(s), and any other payments due to the Supplier, may not be withheld during any dispute or complaint procedure referred to in clause 1.

1.4 In the specific event that the Customer disputes the classification of, or billing for, a ‘Branch’; the Supplier reserves the right under the Agreement terms and conditions to create, remove, quantify, classify, deem or describe a Customer's office or branch as a billable ‘Branch’, if there is deemed a discrepancy in the definition already provided and applied under the terms and conditions; for the avoidance of doubt and to protect both parties, where the Supplier can show it has duly assigned, or can show the necessary assignment of a specific ‘Branch’ in the Customer's Website, CMS or CRM software; any such representation to the Customer by the Supplier shall serve as sufficient clarification for the purposes of both parties and performance of the Agreement.