COVID-19 - How Webdadi Can Help You Webdadi


The steps we're taking to support our customers.

First of all, we'd like to wish everyone all the best during this difficult time. We'd also like to take this opportunity to reassure all of our customers that Webdadi will continue to operate as normal.

Our staff are all able to work from home without any disruption to our services of level of support, so you can continue to call or email any department between 09:00 - 18:00

How We Can Help You

1. Free Website Consultancy & Support

Your website is going to be of vital importance to you in the coming months ahead, perhaps more so than ever. The digital space will be the one in which everyone is still free to move around, so we want to ensure you get all the help and support you need with your website and any changes you might need to make.

That's what we're running twice weekly live Webinar sessions where we'll be answering your questions and showing you key How To's for your website to help you communicate with your customers and automate certain business processes.

We'll cover topics such as adding a COVID-19 message to your website, helping your staff to work remotely through your VIA software and improving your website's SEO.  We'll also be showing you how to use your analytical and statistical data to understand your web audience and action appropriate responses.

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2. Free admin changes to your website

You can continue to call or email our Helpdesk at if you have any website queries you need help with.  We'll do our best to help you with any request as quickly as we can, to help you action any important changes or updates to your website.

You can also view our Vimeo channel with all of our Tutorials and How To Guides by clicking here . If you need a refresher on your VIA software, now's a great time to see what features and functionality are available within VIA.

3. New features in VIA

You can gain access to more feature in VIA to help your staff work remotely and facilitate digital communication with your clients. Newsletter capability, text messaging and automated property alerts are some of the ways that we can help you reach out to your audience. Speak to your Account Manager or call 0208 246 6060 (option 1) to discuss getting these features unlocked on your account for 3 months.

4. Active developments & research to deliver additional tools to you asap

Our development team is working tirelessly to deliver new features and functionality in your VIA software completely free of charge that will make a big difference to the way your operate. Any ideas of what will help your business are welcome, so please email with any ideas of technological changes that will aid your operations.

We have recently released:

Virtual viewings
Applicants can request virtual viewings and request to see specific details about a property directly through your website. Your website is letting people know your open for business, all be it slightly differently than normal. You'l receive an email with your request,  and the request will also be saved against the contact record automatically saved in VIA, so you can see a history of all viewing requests made by an applicant through your website

Remote media uploading for vendors and landlords
If you need additional marketing material for a property, the lock down makes it almost impossible to get what you need. Not with us. You can now trigger an email directly from VIA so that vendors and landlords can upload additional media directly to their property online. They can upload JPEGs, GIFs and PDFs that are uploaded directly to the property record. You can then simply approve and make live on your website in seconds

*Coming soon* Vendors and landlords will also be able to upload video files as well, meaning you can request video walk-throughs and virtual viewings from your clients to display online

Remote valuations
You can still carry out valuations, even during the lock down. You can request PDF, JPEG and GIF files from any potential vendor or landlord for the purposes of carrying out a market appraisal directly through VIA. The vendor/landlord can then simply upload any media directly through your website into their property record for you to view and assess. You can then put the property live on your website as soon as you need to.

In the meantime, we wish you all the very best and extend our best wishes to you and your families. We'll be working tirelessly to make sure every member of the Webdadi family is supported during this difficult time.