Do you want a website that can tell you where you next lead is coming from? Do you want to send documents and media your vendors and landlords through an online login?  Do you want to stop having to manually enter contact information into your back end software every time you get a lead?

Instantly see all your website leads, with the key contact details automatically stored for you to easily search and export with the Contacts Plugin by Webdadi. Anytime anyone interacts with your website, whether through a valuation request, a book a viewing request, a general contact form or through generating an online account, their details are saved automatically as a contact for you.

With the Webdadi Contacts Plugin, you no longer need to manually add your contacts into your software. Our Plugin makes the process completely automated: preventing double-keying of data entry and saving you precious time.

The Contacts Plugin by website makes managing lead data simple


Whenever someone interacts with your website, whether through an creating an online account, filling out an online valuation, arranging a viewing or filling out a contact form, they are automatically stored as a vendor, landlord or applicant with the appropriate criteria in your VIA software so you can easily access your contact database. 


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Avoid having to manually enter all your key contact details into your Property Management or back end CRM system whenever you get a lead, saving you time and business overheads.
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Create an online account area for your vendors, landlords and applicants to offer a hybrid online model.
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Track where you leads are coming from, and boost non performing pages through your VIA software to generate more leads.
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Automatic Contact Creation

Anytime anyone interacts with your website through any website form, they are automatically saved as a contact with all their key information stored. Only one contact for each unique email address is saved, avoiding double data entry and the risk of inaccurate data.
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Add/Edit Contacts

Easily edit your contacts details to update key information & keep up to date with their latest preferences, or manually add new contacts if needed.
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Quick & Advanced Search

Quickly search your contacts by name, email or phone number. Perform advanced searches to find specific contacts with key criteria, such as applicant lists for specific property types.
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Search & Filter

Search and filter your contacts by key criteria, so you can generate contact lists of vendors, landlords and applicants
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Save Reports

Save your favourite reports so you generate them quickly, whenever you need them.
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Export Reports 

Export your reports of contacts as an excel document, so you can upload to any third party software.
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