Website health check; how healthy is your site?

Published: 12/03/2014 By Jon Evans

In the latest edition of PropertyDRUM, Christopher Walkey takes an in depth look at the key elements of what to include when building your website.

We’ve got nothing but respect for Christopher’s in depth analysis, and it just so happens the Webdadi mantra of website building ties in very nicely with Mr Walkey’s analysis.

If you haven’t managed to get yourself a copy, we’ve helpfully summarised the article below for you.

• Design & Branding: Clear & consistent branding is essential. Ensure people immediately know your brand and can differentiate it from your competition

• Clean & Tidy: Keep your website well organised and easy to use.

• Layout & Content: Being able to easily navigate your site is crucial, and good content ensures people will want to visit your site.

• Customer Care: The best websites are customer centric. Make your site easy to use for your customers, and build your website around your local knowledge and expertise.

• Make it work; Your website should install credibility and trust in those who visit it. Ensure it works across all websites browsers and all devices to ensure your business looks as professional as possible.

• Interaction with Social Media; Make the most of every advantage you have. Social media will encourage interaction with your brand and could lead to further referrals, not to mention helping with your SEO.

• Property Software; The website might be the face of your business, but good property software is the brains of the operation. Ensure you have software that can update your site in real time, and provide data to all the property portals to ensure you maximise your leads.

• Analyse This; Ensure you’re able to report on your site with analytics. See what works for your business, and have the ability to make changes if necessary.