Website for BBC's DIY SOS Gabrielle Blackman

Published: 30/03/2020

As one of the country’s leading interior designers, Gabrielle needed a website that was as beautifully designed as the interiors she creates.

Like interior design itself, function was just as important as form. The user journey and functionality of the website was just as important as showing off her extensive portfolio of work.

The issue, as with so many businesses, was finding the time to dedicate to a website project and avoiding it becoming a time consuming and difficult process. Luckily, Webdadi was on hand to answer Gabrielle’s SOS call.

Despite Gabrielle’s incredible talent at design, this didn’t need to be a DIY job. Webdadi’s talented team were on hand to deliver a painless & fast website build. Taking the time to understand her market, they recreated a digital representation capable of standing next to any of her creations. In this case, the frame is just as pretty as the pictures within.

Webdadi’s aim was to take the hassle out of the website build, giving Gabrielle the freedom to fulfil her incredibly busy schedule, whilst offering enough support to still feel connected to the build. A digital partner to take care of the technical aspects, and offer clear choices in a simple, no-nonsense way, free from technical jargon and confusion.