Webdadi's Top Design Trends Of 2021

Published: 23/08/2021 By Webdadi Client Success Team

As we all know, technology is constantly evolving and the user experiences we had several years ago, are completely different to the ones we experience now. New design trends are continuously emerging whether that’s new colour combinations, different types of illustrations or even the rise of artificial intelligence.

So, to help your property agency keep up to speed with the latest trends and innovations, we’ve put together our top design trends of 2021 - enjoy!

1. Mobile responsiveness is king 

Beginning our journey is one of the most important design trends your property agency must jump on - mobile responsive design. A staggering 55% - 75% of visits to estate agent websites are made using a mobile device.

What’s more, Statista reports that mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of global website traffic in the first quarter of 2021. Not only that, but the number of smartphone users in the UK is also set to rise to nearly 69 million by 2025.
That’s why it’s so crucial to optimize your website; to have one that’s responsive for every type for screen will ensure the smoothest user experience and the most enquiries for your business.

Responsive Web. DStudio®.

2. Make way for 3D design 

Now, entering one of the most exciting trends of 2021 - it is, indeed, 3D design.
Polished, clear and the complete opposite to flat design, 3D design is paving the way for a very sensational year. With technology coming on a lot in the last few years, 3D design has become more detailed, more immersive, and even more impressive.

It will influence many different types of design whether that’s 3D illustrations, 3D animations or 3D icons; either way it will make its mark one way or another.
Colour palettes will also be very varied with some designers going for stark, bold colours or others going for the complete opposite – soft, welcoming pastels.

So, here’s a top tip for you - if you can make 3D design a part of your property agency’s brand identity, you’ll stand out amongst your competitors and potentially generate more leads for your business.

Bento – Illustration Builder Concept. By Tran Mau Tri Tam.

UI Design Concepts. By Mako Tsereteli.

Rocket (Icon). By Mako Tsereteli

3. The rise of neomorphism

Now, not quite as drastic, the more subtle neomorphism trend is also on the rise.

What’s neomorphism you may ask? Neomorphism is exactly in the middle between two dimensional, minimal flat design and the other end of the spectrum, skeuomorphism; three dimensional design that mimics real life objectives. Quite simply, it’s the hybrid of the two.

We can’t wait to see how this trend will continue to evolve!

Smart Home Application. By Evgeniy Kritskiy.

Freebie Neumorphic / Skeuomorphic Light elements. By Andrew Mamontov.

4. Nostalgic illustrations 

You’ve probably seen a lot of illustrations in the last year; especially on social media. However, illustrations will continue to grow in popularity and take on new forms. In fact, we’ll see a return to the nostalgic 90s and 80s with retro colour palettes, old-school typefaces, and simple shapes with just a few outlines.

Going back to these eras will evoke feelings of nostalgia and reflection, in turn creating a more emotional and personal user experience.

If your property agency hasn’t explored illustrations yet, do give it a go!

Moshi Moshi ?! Back to 1982 ! By Paiheme.

Retro Gaming Flyer 80s Classic Arcade CRT TV. By Storm Designs.

5. Personalized interfaces

To inject more personality and emotion to tech, Google is hopping on the upcoming personalization trend and is adding colourful new digital interface designs to their “Material You” design.

Completely up to the decision of the user, users can have full control of their interfaces to meet their individual needs. They can decide their own colour palette, the size and width of icons as well as their own personal images.
To see tech heading in a more individualized direction, is truly inspiring.

Google’s Material You. By Google.

6. Captivating animations

Another key trend of 2021 are animations. Captivating and full of movement, animations are a great way to retain your viewer’s attention and to make the user experience much more exciting.

This year we’ll see the rise of 3D animations as well as animated logos. Glossy and sleek, animated logos are a perfect addition to your brand identity as they’re more memorable and particularly effective at conveying a brand’s personality. So, take note – it could be a fantastic option for your property agency.

Job Platform Logo Animation. By Tubick.

Unconscious Logo Proposal. By Jose Arroyo.

ICAP - Logo Animation. By Alex Gorbunov

7. The rise of voice interfaces

To finish off our top UX and UI trends of 2021, are voice interfaces. Voice commands have grown immensely in popularity this year with virtual chatbots and virtual assistants a crucial part of any user journey.
What’s so great about voice interfaces is that they’re a quick and easy way for users to retrieve information. If your property agency can assimilate a voice interface your business, you’ll make your customer’s user experience fully optimized and smoother generating more enquiries and more business.

Bear Plant. By Jran.

To conclude, these UX and UI trends will make a brilliant addition to your property agency’s website. If you can integrate even any of them into your brand identity, users will see your agency in a positive, shining light increasing the number of enquiries for your business – so, why not give it a try!

Have a question about any of these trends? Or perhaps your property agency is looking to generate more quality inbound leads? The Webdadi team is on hand to help – just hit the link below to contact us today.