Webdadi's Reapit foundation app is now live in the Reapit marketplace

Published: 06/11/2022 By Elliott Rowland - COO

Webdadi are the first industry specific website provider to integrate with the Reapit Foundations platform.

This makes transferring your property data from your Reapit (RPS) software easier then ever.  Your property listings will be on your website more quickly, more efficiently and with more details than ever before.

Existing customers are being upgraded to this new platform free of charge throughout November, and all new customers will automatically take advantage if this service when we build your website.

To find out more about how you can integrate your property listings from RPS into your website, simply read our our Reapit Foundations User Guide.

Simply download the Property Uploader for Webdadi Websites app from the Reapit Marketplace now.