Virtual Viewings & Remote Valuations Now Available

Published: 26/03/2020 By Elliott Rowland

We are doing everything we can to help our customers during this time. We realise the government lock down has fundamentally changed how agents are able to do their job. That's why we've released these key features on our customers websites and their VIA software today to help with remote working and offer an alternative way of carrying viewings and valuations.

Just because you're working from home, doesn't mean you need to be remote from your customers.

Virtual Viewings
Applicants can now request virtual viewings through your website.

When filling in an arrange a viewing request, they can specify that they’d like a virtual viewing. They can also request additional media or information about the property in-light of not being able to physically visit.

Look out for these requests when they appear in your email inbox.

How does it work?
Any applicant can request a virtual viewing by simply clicking the option on the arrange a viewing form of your website. The agency will immediately receive an email alerting you to the request.

In addition, the request will be saved against the contact record in your VIA software. Every viewing request they make will be tracked, including whether it's a virtual or live viewing request, the address of the property, plus any additional information they request, building up a complete profile of every applicant on your website.

Remote Valuations & Remote Media Uploading
Any potential Vendor or Landlord can now upload their own media direct to your properties, meaning you can collect all the information you need to carry out a valuation or add additional media to a property already being marketed.

Without the ability to visit people’s homes, market appraisals won’t be able to be carried out live, nor will gaining additional marketing material. However, our tool will enable you to request certain images and documents in JPG, GIF, PDF or *coming soon* video file formats to help you carry out a remote valuation or allow vendors and landlords to upload media directly to your website for you to approve and put live.

You can put these images live on the website in a click once you’ve secured the instruction

How does it work?
Simply right click any property record within your VIA software. The vendor or landlord registered to the property will be sent an instant email.

From the email, the vendor/landlord simply clicks the upload link which can be accessed from any device, including mobile, to quickly add their photos and videos.

Once complete, the media is immediately available in the property record in your VIA software. You can download the images in a click, or publish them to your website and portals straight away. You can even keep them hidden if you wish, the choice is yours.

If you don't have access to any of these features, speak to your Account Manager or contact the helpdesk on . We will unlock these features free of charge for at least 3 months, with the option to extend if necessary. We'll also be showing you how best to utilise these new features in Tuesday's live webinar. You can register here

Not a Webdadi customer? Contact us now if you want to a website that provides you with virtual viewings and remote valuations during the lock down