Via Software December Update 2019

Published: 13/12/2019

Merry Christmas! We've released a whole host of brand new features into VIA for you to enjoy. They're available right now for free, our little present to you this Christmas.  
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List of full updates below:
  • Dashboard - New Contacts to Review Tile
    • You can now see all of your upcoming reviews and the relevant review action you need to take on your dashboard
    • In order for this tile to work, make sure you are adding review dates and review actions to your contacts. You can do this by editing a contact record, or by using the preview pane that appears when you click a contact directly from the search list
    • You also need to ensure that your user account is linked to the contact you’ve created for yourself that is marked as the type “internal staff”. For more details see below
  • Users
    • You can now link your user account to an internal staff contact. Go to Users > find your user account > double click your account from the list > Go to the Associated Contact section and start typing the name of the contact you want to link. Please note, you’ll need to ensure you have added yourself as a contact and marked yourself as “internal staff” in order to do this
  • Add Occupiers to a Property Record
    • Often, the occupier of a property isn’t necessarily vendor or the landlord. You can now add a contact to your VIA system and mark them as an “Occupier.” You can then add that contact as an occupier of any property record and write the relevant notes on how to gain access in the Access field against a property. This will then appear in the preview pane of any property so you can quickly see the access details for a property
  • Contacts
    • New fields for applicants:
      • Purchase Reason (Downsizing, Schools, Job Relocation etc.)
      • Position ( Cash Buyer, First Time Buyer etc.)
      • Additional Features an applicant is after (such as help to buy, buy-to-let etc)
      • Review action to mark what action needs to be performed
    • Applicant fields will hide if a contact is not selected as an applicant for a streamlined view of contacts
    • New status options for Applicants
    • VIA will warn you if you are adding duplicate contacts
    • You can now search contacts by the Company Name field as well as their name field (handy for adding solicitors to offers)
  • Calendar
    • You can now scroll to see other user’s calendars
    • When searching for an attendee to add to an appointment, the search now displays the home and mobile phone numbers
  • Property
    • Key No field has been renamed to “Access” and supports up to 200 characters to specify all types of access requirements for a property
    • You can add the occupier of a property to a property record
    • Terms field now outputs on the property search view (For Quick Sale, Offers in Excess Of etc)
  • MailMerge
    • New fields have been added to Mailmerge Documents
      • Occupier Details
      • Vendor 2 Details
      • Access
  • Fixes
    • New Leads Tile – when a new lead is clicked, it now links directly linking to the contact list view rather than the edit contact screen to quickly trigger SMS and Email messages