VIA has a new look for Autumn/Winter

Published by: Elliott Rowland

VIA has a new look for Autumn/Winter. It’s still the same VIA that you know and love, but with a more user-friendly interface, faster searches, and a host of new features.

What’s more, we’ve unlocked even more functionality on a mobile, so you can access VIA wherever you might be. Given that the office can be anywhere right now, you can access VIA wherever you are on whatever device you have access to.

  • Complete visual redesign entirely optimised for mobile and tablets. Access virtually every feature of VIA on any device
  • Vendor view. From the property search, you can now view the vendor of every property and their contact details at a glance. This handy feature will allow you contact all your vendors and landlords on mass, useful in this ever-changing environment
  • Added security – a lock screen will be applied to VIA if you’re inactive for a period of time. You can click to continue your work whenever you’re ready, safe in the knowledge your data is kept hidden from any wandering eyes!
  • You can see who’s logged into VIA, who’s away/inactive, and who’s not logged in at all! You can see the status of the people in your business at a glance, wherever they might be working. A great tool to help you track and communicate with your colleagues. 
The latest release of VIA unlocks a host of features too numerous to mention, but all of which focus on giving you the access you need on any device in any location. It's quicker, slicker, and available to use anywhere.