VIA's Autumn Release is here!

A host of new features are now available in your VIA Website Edition software.

New features include previewing website changes before publishing them live, search and filter your website content, and the ability to multi select pages, items, links and blogs.

The full list of VIA upgrades is shown below:

User Interface
-A host of UI design changes to make the VIA system even easier to use.
-Profile & Logout options moved so more content is viewable in the window

Search & Filter
Find your website content more easily by being able to search and filter the list views of your pages, items, links and blog articles
Preview website changes before making them live
Do you want to preview your website changes before publishing them online? Well now you can.
Our new feature allows you to clone the page you want to edit. You can then make changes to the page to experiment with new looks and formats for your website page. If you like the changes, you can simply replace your original page with your brand new look by hitting the new “replace original button.” If you don’t, simply delete the cloned version of the page.
Multiple Actions 
You can now select multiple pages, items, link and blogs and delete them all in one go. We will be expanding this functionality to allow you to do further actions in bulk.
New Tab Control
You can now close all tabs, close all except the one you are on, or close just the current tab using a right click menu on the tab. Switching between tabs now also remember exactly where you were on the tab

Colour Picker
You can now update the colours of your items more easily with our colour picker, so you can point and select your colours
WYSIWYG Text Editor Improvements

The text editor allows you to do all sorts of clever things with your content. We’ve enhanced this further by allowing you to add change the fonts to white -when you do, the background of the text editor changes so you can continue to see and edit your text. This helpful feature isn't even available in programmes such as Microsoft Word or Online Email Platforms.