Valuations, Valuations, Valuations. Old School Marketing for the Back to School Market

Published: 04/09/2019 By Elliott Rowland

The summer holidays are over, the children are back at school, and the hunt is on to move up the property ladder in time for Christmas. So, how do you attract sellers to choose you rather than your competitor down the road?

You’ve likely got a stream of leads that you’re receiving through the property portals, but what percentage of these leads are actually vendors and landlords? The chances are, more than 90% of these leads are applicants.

Whilst it’s vital to be on the property portals to ensure your properties receive the attention from potential buyers and tenants, vendors and landlords are actually viewing your websites when deciding what agent to instruct. Do they want you to be listing your properties on the portals? Absolutely. Will they make their decision on who to instruct from the property portal? Probably not.

Your website is the number one place to attract vendors and landlords. It’s your digital shop window to show off your service to people either visiting directly, or more likely, searching for a service on Google. Hopefully, the forms on your website are generating a steady stream of valuation leads, but what if they’re not? What if you’re not receiving valuation requests, or simply not receiving them in the volume you’d like. Well, that doesn’t mean that the website isn’t generating them for you. Nor does it mean you have to indulge in complicated digital marketing & SEO strategies to improve it's performance. There's a much simpler, more familiar way for you to maximise your lead generation.

Log into your VIA and go to the dashboard. You’ll see the Valuations tile. In here, you’ll see a list of postcodes where your potential vendors and landlords live. If you’re on the Atom Website Template, then your website has the ability to collate all the postcodes which have been entered into your valuation forms or the instant valuation plugin, and output them in your VIA software, even if they didn’t go on to complete the form.

Maybe they couldn’t be bothered, maybe they were simply interrupted or made a cup of tea whilst browsing your website. Whatever the reason, your website has cleverly identified and saved the postcode for you, so you can begin to target where those potential vendors and landlords live.

Simply hit the “Export” button on the tile, and you can download a list of every address within those postcodes so you can specifically target them with your canvassing efforts. Instead of blanketing every street, you can actually target the streets where you know people who showed an interest in receiving a valuation actually live. You’ll likely see a much higher conversion rate, and ultimately spend less time and effort by being able to target specific streets and addresses.

Higher conversion rates. Less effort. Fewer costs. What's not to like? The use of smart technology with old school marketing tactics can increase your valuation leads and bring a new dimension to a marketing method you might have underestimated.

In brief:

  • Log into VIA regularly and view your Valuations tile on your dashboard
  • Export you’re the address list regularly to see a list of your hottest potential valuation addresses
  • Regularly canvas those specific areas