Displaying your twitter feed on the office page

Published: 21/12/2015

We all know how important social media is with helping us sell, sell, sell and rent, rent, rent. If you look at your Google Analytics account you can even see the proportion of traffic to your website that is social media related.


So to help shake things up, we have added a feature on the Zephyr and Quantum templates and drive traffic the other way too, we have a new innovation, that allows you to display your live twitter feeds on your office pages. This will drive people back to your social media pages, or at the very least, demonstrate to your audience that you use these platforms as a company.


If you'd like to add this feature to your office pages, just get in touch and we will make sure it's activated for your website (Zephyr and Quantum responsive sites only). Then it's as simple as clicking on these instructions within our Help Desk, and you'll be on your way.