Turning a No Properties Found Result into a lead

Published: 16/02/2016 By Angela Peters

It’s always frustrating for one of your visitors to scroll onto a page, click an geographical area that you have advertised and then find it returns zero property results. It's equally annoying when someone is looking for a postcode and gets zero results for that area - especially if your SEO efforts are directly targeted at that area.


So to help you ensure you keep them interested, we have added a no results featured page that allows you to capture their contact details and use it as an opportunity to try and convert them into a lead. 


Once we have activated this feature for you, if no property results are returned, it will offer a contact form for your visitor to fill out. Then it will populate with additional widgets including your area guides and flash the latest news articles from your New/Blog page.


To find out how to add this feature, step over to our Help Desk. Once you've added the WebsitePageItem you need, then email us at support and we can make your new No Results Page live.


And to see a live example, click here.