VIA Stats Tab Innovation Update

Published: 28/11/2018 By Rick Toovey

With Brexit fast approaching, the uncertainty of the London housing market continues to be a hot topic of conversation around the city. What will it mean to the housing market when Britain finally leaves the EU in March of 2019?

According to Land registry figures there has been a dip in London property sales in the two years since the EU referendum.

It’s now more imperative than ever that estate agents across the country maximise the leads that are generated with up to 20% less houses having being sold in 2018. Here at Webdadi though we’ve got your back and have been working hard to improve the stats and therefore your leads that your website generates!

We've updated the stats tab in your VIA software. You can now view more statistics about your website than ever before. You can view stats from today, this week, this month, this quarter and this year.

This information is vital for you to see how well your website is performing, but most importantly, will help you see how to win new valuation leads for your business by showing you key data, and how you can use it effectively.

Here is a quick run down of the changes that we have made:


  • See the postcode of every online valuation request  
  • Export a full address list of every property in each postcode area
  • Even if the form isn't fully submitted, the system knows the postcode of the property that was selected. Meaning you know where your potential valuation leads are, so you can target your canvassing efforts to give them that final push
  • Save money and time, by targeting key areas where you know your potential vendors and landlords live.
  • "Flip for Tips" - flip the tile to reveal hints and tips about how best to use this key information


  • See how many properties have been viewed online
  • How many property details brochures have been viewed
  • See a breakdown of where your leads have come from - Valuation forms, contact us forms, request a viewing forms from your property details pages, or people creating online accounts through your website


  • See your Top 10 most viewed properties on your website
  • See at a glance the stats for each property, so you can give your vendors and landlords updates on their success
  • Click the property address to view the property online


  • See the 10 least viewed properties on your website
  • See at a glance the properties which need your attention
  • "Flip for Tips" - Flip the tile to reveal hints and tips about how you can boost your property views of those properties online


  • See the top 5 property searches on your website
  • See what types of properties your applicants are looking for - useful information for your vendors and landlords
  • See areas, price ranges and bedroom options of your most popular searches


  • See the top area for sales & lettings
  • View the most popular price range across both sales & lettings
  • See the most popular minimum and maximum bedroom range for sales & lettings


  • See your total number of website visits
  • View the breakdown of new visitors and returning visitors, so you can see if your website is attracting a new audience of potential vendors and landlords
  • See how long people are staying on the website, and view the bounce rate for your new and returning customers so you can tell if they are finding the content they need online
  • View your most popular website page