How Text Messaging can help your business

Published: 16/05/2014 By Tom Masters

In 2007 the first iPhone was released. In the 7 years that have followed mobile browsing has increased year on year and has accounted for a 93% increase in global internet usage since 2010.
When bulk SMS is used properly, it can have great results. Smartphones have reinvented the connection between companies and their customer and text messages can help you communicate faster with your customers. It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.

Using Webdadi, you are able to generate bulk or individual text messages to any contact in your database without the need to import and maintain data in a third party software. Text messaging can be used in a number of ways by your estate agency and can help increase response rates as your customers will consider this a more personalised service than email marketing. It is proven that text message marketing has a higher click through percentage than other marketing methods including Facebook. Statistics suggest 97.5% of text messages are viewed within 5 minutes of being received.

So how could your business use text messaging? The most obvious use would be to market your new instructions to any applicants that are keen to move quickly and want to be the first viewing through the door. Text messaging can also be used to deliver sales messages to a particular type or group of contacts in your database. Your customers will find out information about your company and can be directed to any marketing material, you have to be careful that you target the right people with the right message to maintain that personal feel. The Webdadi software can also be used to communicate with your customers on an individual basis.

If you are interested in introducing text messaging to your business and would like to see a demonstration of the feature in Webdadi then do please contact the Webdadi Team on 0208 246 6060.