Social Media Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Blog Posts

Published: 19/11/2015 By Paul Bauer - Marketing & Communications Manager

So you’ve managed to write some great content for your website. You're being topical, you’ve done your research, and you’re keeping up with the latest in Estate Agent land. But, have you also considered how you are making sure your content is being read? Have you made sure you add it to the relevant social media platforms so your customers are in the know, and so they see you as an industry expert on all things property-related?

If you want to get your audience to see your posts you have to be conscientious about getting them out to the social media places where their probing little eyes might be looking. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Hootsuite, TikTok and so on...

If your Estate Agency is using Twitter and Facebook to post properties, then posting your news articles is an excellent way to break up the (forgive our honesty) potential monotony of constant property alerts for your audience. It will also give them something to read that just might be relevant to them - council tax, renting, heating in winter, tax, property rises. The list is endless.

Did you know that every time you create a blog post on Webdadi, it gives it a unique URL that you can then use on social media? When you type in the summary for your blog, example rightmove-realtime-update-for-jan-2016, this becomes the suffix to your article.

You’ll see us post blogs all the time (like this one) on our blog page (the one you’re looking at right now). We are careful to make sure that the summary always reflects what the article is about, and doesn’t contain any spaces. At the end of the day it’s all about making the most of your SEO opportunities. And blogging or posting news articles is just one way to help your SEO along.
Once you have written your news article and made it live on your website, go onto the page and then click the heading. This will bring up the unique link for that news article. And now you can Tweet and Facebook and share at your leisure.

The other way in which your blog posts can help drive traffic to your site is via a newsletter. Newsletters generated within Webdadi allow you to select properties from your live property feed, along with relevant posts you have recently written. Your audience, all those subscribers that are registered with your site, can then be sent your bespoke newsletter straight into their inbox. And when they click on any of the blogs, it will bring them back to your website.

And finally, if you’re going to write a post, you’ll want to make sure you are adding relevant keywords, using tags like ‘Property News’ and that you’re using relevant links to other pages on your site, or to other relevant sites. We will have more on these SEO topics next month.