Facebook and Twitter sharing your properties

Published: 02/12/2015 By Angela Peters

Social media is very important for many professionals, and the same goes for Estate Agents. Being able to use Twitter and Facebook to share market information and talk about property trends and everything else in between is just another way to show your clients you are an expert.


So to that end we love it when our Estate Agents make social media suggestions that help make it easier for you show off your properties. After all you know best.

Our development team have been busy creating one such suggestion - getting the Twitter and Facebook share buttons just right so now you can tweet or Facebook your properties with one click, and it will include the leading image for your property alongside the post.

We’ve included a picture above demonstrating this. If you would like this feature, simply let your Account Manager know and they can set this up. And if you prefer to look at examples on how to do this, why not check out our Help Desk guide with a real property that is for sale with one of our Estate Agents.