SEO can be a minefield. Let us help simplify it for you

Published: 01/11/2023 By Customer Success Team

SEO can be complicated. With such a wealth of knowledge available and a host of consultancies offering SEO consultancy and advice, it can be hard to know where to turn.

As a business, you know that you want your website to rank more highly on Google and generate more leads, but you have no idea where to start. The wealth of expertise and advice can sometimes appear counter-intuitive and trying to cut through the noise to know where to actually begin can be hard.

That’s where Webdadi’s SEO Page optimisation service comes in. We keep things simple so you can begin to see tangible, effective results and understand the reasons why your website is performing better than before.

We’re not an SEO consultancy. We don’t ask you for a monthly retainer and bombard you with a series of actions you need to take in a seemingly endless merry go round of advice.

Quite simply, we’ll use our decades of experience in building estate agent websites to look at your website one page at a time. We’ll tell you what keywords you should be targeting on those pages and optimise your website’s page content to target those specific keywords. Simple, honest advise, accompanied by us completing the recommended work for you.
We won’t bombard you with technical nonsense, endless lists of recommendations or seemingly unexplainable results (or lack of). We’ll just explain why content is important, where it should be used on the page, and why it matters to Google.

We charge on a simple per page basis so you can simply optimise the key pages that matter to your business in a cost effective way. Popular choices includes the homepage and the key service pages for your business.