Search engine optimisation (SEO) for estate agents

Published: 15/08/2019 By Harry Lindsley

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is an activity that looks to improve your search engine ranking. It may seem daunting, but if broken down into bite sized chunks you will begin to see your ranking on search engines greatly improve.

To start with, how does Google actually rank its numerous links? Well, there are hundreds of unique ways Google ranks pages, but they can boiled down into two key categories, Relevance and Authority - in this order.

Relevance is pretty self-explanatory, If you are searching for a 2 bedroom flat in Little Venice but receive a result of a shed with 2 windows in Peasmarsh you would be right to question it. However, being relevant isn’t the only part of this, your content must be useful.

Writing content that uses keywords and phrases that your users will be searching with is a great way to get people onto a page, keeping them there is the next step. Webdadi’s VIA has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to SEO. An intuitive interface and dedicated blogging section provides an easy route to gaining your website more traction. Alongside this, for each CMS page you have the ability to easily customize the META keywords and META description per page to building specific SEO for chosen searches.

With useful content you dramatically increase the chance of your pages being shared, which brings us nicely onto authority. Once the search engine has analyzed how a page addresses a topic and adds it to its index, it will then look for external links to help validate the page, which in turn provides authority.

So, how do you give your webpage authority in a digital world of characters and emojis? The key to authority is links, but see links as nods of endorsement rather than a simple link. The web is built on the notion of documents inter-connected with each other via links. If your page is endorsing (linking to) other relevant pages to the subject matter, you will begin to integrate your page further into the search engines algorithm.

To marry the two together, If your content is relevant, useful and full of keywords and phrases you will begin to receive the nods of endorsement (links) that provide your webpage/website with authority. Now it’s time to be creative – Estate agents have a brilliant foothold in their local communities, a great place to start endorsing (link to) local businesses and with any luck (and perhaps a nudge) you will receive them in return.

One final point is DO NOT mistake quantity for quality. Search engines are not silly, they are essentially an absurdly powerful brain in your pocket, you won’t be able to trick it and you won’t be able to rush it. Be thorough, patient and consistent and you will begin to see great results.