Are you ready for the Rightmove realtime switch?

Published: 05/11/2015 By Oliver Chapple

Are you ready for the Rightmove v3/3a BLM feed switch off and ready to switchover to the Rightmove Realtime data feeds (RTDF) in time for 6th January 2016?

This change by RightMove is somewhat akin to the switch off of terrestrial TV for estate agency software suppliers. The great news is if you are a Webdadi customer you are already ready! Webdadi took care of this a while ago so you don’t need to worry about a thing. And if it hasn't yet happened for your estate agency, we have it covered! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing support and maintenance to our customers, we have ensured that RTDF's will take place automatically for our customers.

If your software provider is not able to provide you with the Rightmove Real time RTDF feed format, then you can make sure that you don’t fall behind your competition (especially when you are instructed by your client on a multi-agency basis) by switching to Webdadi. Just call our team and we can provide you with this solution.