Radius search is now available on all websites

Published: 04/10/2023 By Customer Success Team

Your website can now be upgraded so property hunters can search within a specified distance of every city, town, village, hamlet and transport hub in the UK (over 43,000 locations). Matching the search functionality of the major UK property portals, this feature is ideal for large and national estate agencies with stock across wide parts of the UK.

Why upgrade?

  • Great user experience that mirrors the portals' property search
  • Doesn't rely on staff entering the full address of the property correctly to be picked up correctly in the search (although they should always strive to do so)
  • Great for your website's SEO as it keeps your keyword search terms consistent by funnelling them to use specific terms (every search for specific areas is the same and helps avoid those nasty typos!)
  • Accurate results based on the longitude and latitude of properties, not keywords

How can I upgrade?

Speak to your Account Manager now about how this paid for upgrade can be implemented on your website. Click here to email them now