5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Property Agency's Marketing

Published: 03/06/2021 By Paul Bauer - Marketing & Communications Manager

Regardless of how buoyant the property market might be, marketing will not only play a critical role in not only the growth of your company; but also the development of relationships with your audience and customers. 

In fact, it could be argued that customer relationship management is even more important than the day-to-day selling activities your agency undertakes. This is because if you get the marketing of your property agency right, you have a better chance of developing loyal customers who’ll not only come back to you again and again; but they’ll possibly become that Holy Grail of loyal customer – a brand advocate!

It should be said however, that marketing is – as much as it pains me to say it – not exactly an easy thing to get a handle on; especially if you’re also running a busy property agency. An estate agency’s marketing will encompass a huge range of activities including its’ web design, social media activities, lead generation and brand development – all of which have the ability to create and maintain demand for your agency, build reputation, outsmart your competition and lots more besides!

With so much riding on good marketing, there’s some very good reasons why you should consider outsourcing the activities of your property agency marketing…

1. The Added Expertise and Support You’ll Get

We’ve worked with many property agents both large and small; but the one thing that’s constant in all our dealings with estate and lettings agents is the lack of time they all seem to have! It’s understandable though, as the business of selling and letting property can be extremely time-sensitive and also time consuming – so it’s no surprise to learn that as a result, many property agents simply don’t have the time or internal resources to become clued up on effective marketing activities.

By outsourcing your marketing requirements to an experienced agency, you’ll be able to tap in and utilise the experience, tools and techniques that come with being dedicated marketing professionals. Since the marketing of businesses will be an agency’s sole purpose, they will not only have a better grasp of what will and won’t work for your business; they’ll also be more up-to-speed with market trends, technologies and platforms that could help drive up audience exposure and developing the right type of marketing campaigns that’ll attract the right type of leads to your business, too.

Look at it this way: all of the tasks involved in successful property agency marketing require certain skills and expertise to be carried out effectively. To run a successful marketing campaign, you’ll ideally need a copywriter, graphic designer, social media marketer, website developer, marketing consultant and possibly more depending on your goals! Outsourcing your marketing will give you all these resources, and dedicated support at the same time.

2. You’ll Likely Save Both Time and Money

Handing over your marketing requirements can - on the surface at least - seem both daunting and potentially expensive; however, consider this: implementing marketing campaigns isn’t a clear-cut exercise in success or failure. They often require a degree of trial and error to see what messages work or don’t work; plus, for if you’re an inexperienced marketer, you can fall into the trap of spending a lot of money on adverts, website developments or activities that won’t give much in the way of a tangible return on investment.

To give a real world example of this, I once worked for a marketing agency that began working with a business that was using Google PPC adverts and spending a not-so-insignificant sum on a weekly basis. Whilst they were targeting search terms they believed were the most relevant for their business, they were often spending £25-30 just to get a click on their ads! They also hadn’t considered where the ads were sending users, the advert copy, alternative keywords, ad quality score, target audiences, keyword exemptions… basically, all the stuff you need to be doing to make best use of the platform.

When I spoke to them about their account and carried out a review and successful optimisation (we got their average PPC spend down from £35 to just over £9 a click), their response was – unsurprisingly – that they simply didn’t have the time or resources to optimise their activities. They were too busy involved in the day-to-day running their own business to learn all the skills required to make it a truly effective lead gen tool.

3. You’ll Get A Fresh Perspective On Things

If you’ve been working in the property industry for a long time, there’s no doubt you’ll know it inside-out. This can obviously be a huge asset when it comes to running your property agency effectively or perhaps even setting up your own agency; however, the downside to this is that it’s also possible to become too close to your own industry and begin to lose perspective on outside influences and trends.

Choosing to outsource your agency’s marketing activities can bring a wealth of new ideas and also a fresh perspective on your business. When you employ a great marketing agency to assist your business, they’ll often ask a host of questions and conduct a great deal of analysis in order to generate fresh perspective on your activities and new, innovative ideas – and these are often all the types of activity I’m sure a property agency would love to be doing themselves… if they had the time!

This outsider perspective can also help refine aspects of your business to make them more effective; this could include your estate agent’s website design, the creation of more targeted marketing campaigns that set you apart from your competitors, or even how to manage your customer lead funnel more effectively.

4. You’ll Get To Learn From The Experts

The one thing to consider when outsourcing your estate agency marketing is that it shouldn’t just be a case of handing over all the duties and tasks to a third party. A good marketing agency will often work in partnership with their client and essentially act as their own in-house marketing team. This means that whilst you can sit back and let the experts run your marketing campaigns, you can also benefit from the ‘trickle-down’ effect of knowledge and experience this brings.

When you employ a marketing agency, they’ll help bridge that knowledge gap between successful sales and marketing. Instead of you having to invest your own time in figuring out how to conduct successful marketing activities, a good marketing agency will help bridge the gaps in your own knowledge, whilst implementing the activities you need in order to grow and scale your business.

Not only that, outsourcing your marketing can also help you to understand your own customers better; and this can include the creation of dedicated marketing funnels, messaging and personas that can help you reach the people you really want as your customers. And the best part? You can pick up this marketing knowledge yourself as your relationship with an agency grows!

5. You Stand A Better Chance Of Generating More New and Repeat Business

Finally, the bottom line is that utilising the skills and experience of a marketing agency can help improve your own company’s bottom line! Outsourcing your marketing efforts – if done correctly of course – can offer a fantastic return on investment both in the immediate and longer terms through winning more leads, and developing those all-important brand advocates.

Whilst employing a third-party agency can seem like an initial expense, the long-term rewards can include:

  • Improved lead generation
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • Less wasted time and budgets
  • Flexibility of service when you need it
The key thing to remember here is that utilising a marketing agency removes that unknown risk and burden of doing everything yourself. Instead of making the best of that you can find on the web or through speaking to likeminded colleagues, an agency’s sole purpose is to generate effective marketing strategies that drive new business for businesses – and after all, isn’t that what any property agency wants?

If any of the scenarios we’ve talked about in this blog seem familiar, it might time to consider outsourcing your marketing activities!

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