Pinterest and Instagram...are they useful for your office?

Published: 25/08/2016 By Angela Peters

Do you feel like every time a new social media tool is created, it’s there just to clutter your inbox and your mind? With Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Linked In, and the rest, how can one be sure they’re investing in the right social media tools for their business? The short answer is, you can’t.

When I think about useful social media tools for Estate Agents, two come to mind immediately – Pinterest and Instagram.
However only a handful of Estate Agents that I’ve ever met utilise Instagram and even less so Pinterest, and I have often wondered why. These social media websites dedicated to posting pretty pictures, offer some of the best places to display houses after all. Right?

At the end of the day, it’s simply a case of trial and error to ascertain what works best for your company. For example, at Webdadi, we find our Twitter followers grow at a steady rate, while our Facebook page is liked at a much lower rate. But we still find both useful, both great for conversations and conversions and both excellent platforms to share information about Webdadi that will be useful for our customers. We aren’t out at pretty houses around London every day so for us there seems to be little point for an Instagram page.


Our social media audience use Webdadi for information about websites, SEO and the latest in online websites. So we talk about just that online. Hence why Instagram isn’t quite going to work for us. But it could for you. As an example, we have seen some stunning images used by Estate Agents to showcase their properties. One of our clients Wayne and Silver do a tremendous job. And with over 400 million users on Instagram, you can see why companies would consider it a great social media alternative to carve out their own property niche and act as a new way to engage potential clients. 

Recently, Instagram also introduced a replica to Snapchat that they’re rolling out to their existing clients, called Instagram Stories. So now, not only can people add lovely images, they can also tell a story, Snapchat style. Here, a social media strategist talks about what the implications are of this new format on Instagram. When video content is so powerful, and Snapchat videos are brilliant because they’re easy to see (via your mobile) and are so short and sweet, then capitalising on Instagram Stories might just give you another cutting edge. Perhaps your office can add a mini video of the house you are selling.

Whichever way you look at it, social media is here to stay and it’s being viewed daily by millions. So ignorance simply isn’t bliss. If you aren’t part of it, then there’s every chance you are missing out on another opportunity to gather leads, valuations and potential renters. 

And while you’re doing your social media research, feel free to find us on Twitter and Facebook :)