New wireframe view in VIA makes website page editing a breeze

Published: 08/12/2023

VIA is our website building software platform that lets you build and edit website pages quickly and easily. Our latest update allows you to do this more easily than ever.

Our new wireframe layouts allow you to see a visual representation of your website page. Simply click on the element of the page you want to change and edit it in the side panel.

Our modular building system still allows you to add new building blocks to the web page, but the wireframe layout helps you to find, add and move content far more easily for a quick and pain free user experience. The duplicate functionality is also now more comprehensive than ever, allowing you to clone entire website pages to build brand new versions more easily.

Find out how to build website pages in our Training & Support Centre in VIA, or click the links below.

Building simple website pages

Building advanced website pages

Cloning/Duplicating website pages

You might notice the Items tab has disappeared. Don't worry, this isn't a bug. The items have simply been moved so you can view them directly on the page, so there is no need to edit them seperately.