New Webdadi website for 2023

Published: 05/04/2023 By Elliott Rowland - COO

We are proud to launch our brand new website for 2023. Our talented team of designers and developers have been let loose with the very latest design features and functionality available on our platform. Their skills and expertise have been utilised to the max to create a fresh new look and simplify our product offering for a better user experience.

Now you might think that as website designers we've used a whole bunch of inside tricks to create something entirely different to what we'd usually build for our customers; you'd be wrong. We love our website platform and VIA software so much we used it to build and host our new website (just like we did with the old one!) Have you ever noticed that with some other website providers, when your website goes down and isn't available, their website is miraculously still online for their own customers? Well, we're so confident in our platform and our technology that we use it for ourselves as well. We don't say one thing and offer you something different, we use our very own products & services to create the very same website that we would build for any estate agency brand.

What's more, our "new" website uses the same website platform (Atom) as the old one. We've refreshed the design and the navigation and utilised the latest features available, but fundamentally it's still the same website platform. It means once you invest in Webdadi, you don't have to rebuild your website entirely every 3/4 years. You can simply refresh the look and feel, without having to embark upon a complete overhaul.

We update the platform with the latest technology and react to changes by Google to ensure the website continues to perform as well as it should. It's the reason we've continued to consistently appear in the top 3 results for "estate agent web design" for ten years, combining our industry knowledge and expertise with a top performing technological platform.

If you're planning a website refresh or upgrade in 2023, then let our talented team create a website for you. The same group of talented Project Managers, Designers and Developers who have built are ready to create something just as magical for your business.

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